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Victra independently operates this site and is a Verizon Authorized Retailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Victra Store Visitors


1. Can I pay my Verizon bill at a Victra store?

Answer: Yes, you can pay using any major credit card or by cash. Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are also accepted. When paying by cash there will be a $3 fee.

2. If I recently purchased a device and want to return it, how does that work?

Answer: You may return devices that are not damaged within 30 days of purchase (the date of activation) and a re-stocking fee of $35 will apply to any return or exchange of a wireless device except where prohibited by applicable law (excluding defective devices that may be exchanged for the same model that are covered under the 30 day warranty). Verizon activation fees are non-refundable unless you terminate the service within 3 days of activation. Some accessories such as screen protectors or earphones are not returnable if the box was opened and the items were used. Damaged devices are not eligible for returning (items returned in the original condition within 30 days are refundable after the restocking fee) although damaged devices may have trade-in value towards the purchase of a new phone, tablet, or smartwatch from Victra.

3. Can I order items not stocked in the store?

Answer: Yes. Victra store employees can order devices and accessories not sold in-store, temporarily out of stock, or stocked in our network of distributers.

4. How long does shipping take for items not stocked in stores?

Answer: Typically, 2 business days when items are in-stock and available to ship. Items that are not in-stock and available to ship may take longer. A Victra employee will let you know what the estimated shipping time before placing the order

5. What hardware can I buy in a Victra store?

Answer: Victra stores sell phones, tablets, smartwatches, Verizon Home Internet that customers can set up themselves at home (recommended for locations with 5G network coverage), Hum Connected Car Systems for advanced vehicle monitoring which is great for parents with children driving for the first time, Mobile Internet Hotspots or Jetpacks, and accessories such as carrying cases, screen protectors, chargers, and wireless chargers.

6. What is a Hum Connected Car System? 

Answer: Hum Connected Car solutions lets you track the location of a car and informs when the vehicle goes outside of a certain radius which is great for parent of teenagers, and has calling out features to authorities and to a specified phone number in case of an emergency

7. What services are offered by Victra in stores?


Free Account Analysis to ensure you’re on the right rate plan and getting the most value

Setup & Go: Ensure you’re device is ready to go when you leave our store with all of your contacts, apps, email, and your accessories installed

Screen Protection Installation

Device Trades and Recycling

Nimble accessory recycling drop off point: Recycle your old device accessories—cases, chords, chargers, etc

Redux: Device drying service to save your precious data and memories

Device protection as a service for your phones, tablets, watches at the point of sale, as well as warranty upgrade solutions during Verizon’s Open Enrollment periods during each year. Victra also provides Verizon Home Device Protect for $25/month that protects your eligible home entertainment, home office, wearable, and smart home products, plus offers premium tech support.

8. What data plans are offered by Verizon?


The data plans for a typical Victra customer are:
1. Start Unlimited (basic)
2. Play More (good)
3. Do More (better)
4. Get More (the best)

Victra also offers discounted plans for children of a parent with Verizon under the Just Kids plan as well as discounts for select senior citizens eligible for the 55+ Unlimited plan.

Victra additionally sells Verizon’s Business Unlimited Start 2.0 data plan, Business Unlimited Plus 2.0, and Business Unlimited Pro 2.0 for phones, and tablet as well as smartwatch corporate data plans are also available.

9. What data plan is recommended for an average phone customer?

Answer: Usually Victra store employees like to start discussions about data plans with the Play More data plan from Verizon and recommend it because it is a Premium Unlimited Plan which means you may receive more value from Verizon when trading-in your device in the future and upgrading. Also Play More offers free access for 6 months to appealing streaming solutions such as Disney+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Discovery+, Hulu, ESPN+ as well as 15 Gigs of hotspot data per line. Ultimately finding the right data plan comes down to your budget, preferences, historical usage patterns, personality, device as well as sometimes your occupation can make a difference.

10. Can I switch to Verizon and keep my number if I am currently with another cellular carrier such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular? How exactly?

Answer: Yes! Verizon makes it easy and financially compelling to join our 5G cellular network which wins awards regularly for performance and reliability. You can come to Victra and Verizon’s network even if you want to keep your existing phone number and to change your account over to a Verizon account we would need your account # and password from your previous carrier in order to bring you over to Verizon and set up your account with the same phone number as before. If you want to keep your phone and change phone numbers, Victra can also do this and install a Verizon SIM card into your phone and help you with setting up your new account and device.

11. How does trading-in a phone or tablet or watch work? 

Answer: Trading-in is easy – we have been doing them for years. Just bring your phone in and we will review your device and account details with Verizon  then offer you on the spot the best available promotions based on your current data plan and needs. You will know your trade-in value during your visit and our store employees can do the math to explain by exactly how much your monthly bill will be changing before and after your trade-in.

12. What are the benefits of trading-in my device to Victra?

Answer: You will receive instant credit for trading in your eligible device, meaning your credit and benefits start accruing right away if you are an existing Verizon customer who is upgrading or adding a new phone line.

When you upgrade or add a new line you’ll be given the option to trade in your device. Once you provide details about your trade-in device, if you’re eligible for instant credit, your credit amount will display. You can apply the credit towards your order for instant savings.

If you’re not yet a Victra customer, you can get account credit for your old device. If you’re not interested in purchasing a new device while trading your old one, you can trade your device and get a Verizon gift card or a PayPal account credit.

The device that I want to trade-in is active (is receiving calls and using data on any network) – what can I do? If the device you’re trading-in is currently active and you’d like to keep the line active, you must first swap the device with an inactive or new device before turning it in. If the device is active on our network and not with another carrier network, please visit our Activate/Switch Device FAQs for more information about this process. Devices that are active on a Device Payment Agreement (DPA)are ineligible for trade-in until the DPA has been paid in full. You won’t receive credit or a gift card for the traded device until it’s deactivated. For more details on how exactly you can trade in your device please visit the Device Trade-In Guide and for more information on other topics such as device eligibility please to the Trade Your Mobile Device in FAQs page.

13. If I want to receive updates and communications from Victra or Verizon, how can I receive those?

Answer: You can manage your Verizon communication preferences through the My Verizon App or sign up for notifications on

14. What should I do before my visit to a Victra store?

Answer: Here are some things you can do to ensure we can make your visit as efficient as possible. Visits in our store usually can take customers anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour with a store employee depending on your particular needs. For more information on what you can do before your store visit please visit Victra’s recommended To Dos Before Your Store Visit page.

(1) Bringing a valid form of identification helps to maximize the range of solutions available in our stores.

(2) It helps if you are an authorized user on the relevant Verizon account before coming into our store so we ask that you check on that before walking in as it helps us verify your account and we can help you more in the store. This especially applies to children or teenagers – if they come in unaccompanied into our store and want to upgrade or change their plans with Verizon we are not able to serve them until they are an authorized user on the Verizon account. They can only buy accessories!

(3) Victra recommends that customers bring their current ID and passwords for accessing their device and cloud information.

Password Reset Assistance:

Resetting iCloud Password

Resetting Verizon Cloud Password

Resetting Samsung Cloud Password

Resetting Google One (Android) Password

Resetting Google One (iPhone and iPad) Password


(4) If you are coming over to Verizon or Victra from another carrier or network, please bring your account number and login as well as password information for your account with the other carrier – this will be needed before transitioning over to Verizon’s network.


(5) Victra also recommends that device-owners perform any software updates and data back-ups to their cloud (Apple, Verizon Cloud, Samsung Cloud, Google Cloud…) at least 3 hours before coming into the store and back ups also can be done directly onto a computer via a USB cable. Taking these actions will help Victra employees assist you faster. For more information on ways to back up your devices please see below:


Apple Device Backups Assistance:

Apple iCloud Backup
Verizon Cloud Backup
Google One Backup
Backup to Chromebook PC for iOS devices
Backup to Windows PC for iOS devices
Backup to Apple Mac for iOS devices

Android Device Backups Assistance:

Verizon Cloud Backup
Google One Backup
Samsung Cloud Backup
Backup Android device to Windows PC
Backup Android device Apple Mac
Backup Android device to Chromebook PC

15. Is a Victra store the same as a Verizon’s?

Answer:  Victra is an authorized reseller of Verizon’s and the largest in the USA. Victra provides many of the same solutions, if not more than a typical Verizon store.

16. How do refunds work? How fast are they if I want to return something within 30 days?

Answer: For information regarding Victra’s return policy please refer below:

Satisfaction Guarantee

You may terminate service for any reason within 30 days of activation. To terminate service without penalty you must return your device in original* condition, with ALL original packaging. Verizon activation fees are non-refundable unless you terminate service within 3 days of activation. A re-stocking fee of $35 will apply to any return or exchange of a wireless device except where prohibited by applicable law. All Verizon security deposits paid will be refunded by Verizon Wireless via US Mail within 30 to 60 days.

Refund and Exchange Policy

Devices and accessories presented for return or exchange must be returned within 30 days of the original purchase and must be returned in original* condition. (All device purchases made before 6/8/21, however, are subject to 14-day return policy.) Returns or exchanges must be accompanied by the original sales receipt and packaging. All missing components, not limited to home charger, manual or headphones will result in a $35 per item fee. Devices without the original manufacturer’s box cannot be returned. All device refunds and exchanges will be charged a $35 re-stocking fee (excluding defective devices exchanged for the same model that are covered under the 30 day warranty), except where prohibited by applicable law. If you received your merchandise through a “Buy One, Get One Free” or any coupon offer, all items must be returned to receive a full refund. No refunds will be allowed on headphones, opened screen protection products, any prepaid transactions, software, memory cards, or gift cards. Cash refunds over $50 will be refunded by corporate check and mailed to the customer’s home address. Corporate checks will arrive within three to five weeks.

Warranty and Repair Policy

New devices returned in original* condition within 30 days of purchase may be exchanged. After 30 days, if a warranty replacement is deemed necessary, the exchange is completed via mail through the Verizon Certified Like-New Replacement Program with a Certified Like-New replacement, that is either the same as the customer’s original device or comparable to the original device. Apple iPads and Apple Watches cannot be exchanged in store, and customer must contact Apple directly to obtain service. Warranty for all defective accessories are to be handled directly with the manufacturer and cannot be exchanged or refunded in the store.

  • Original condition is determined by Victra personnel sole reasonable discretion. Phones must be in new, working condition and cannot have any physical or liquid damage.

***Please contact Verizon Corporate Customer Service for returns information if you need to return an item associated with a order, or order placed through Victra or Verizon Customer Service.***


17. Does Victra offer special discounts for certain member groups such as those 55+ years of age, first-responders, military, veterans, students, and educators?

Answer: Yes, there are data plan discounts usually available for these groups that can range from $10-$35 per month depending on the total number of phone lines on your account with Verizon. Make sure to speak with a Victra employee about these special offers during your next store visit as they can share with you about the verification process and how to save.

18. Is Victra following any COVID-19 protocols?

Answer: Victra store employees are asked to wear masks except in the case of superseding local regulations and expected to frequently clean high contact areas in the store including but not limited to display devices with a cleaning agent

19. If I have a complaint or want to escalate, can I do that through Victra’s stores and employees?

Answer: Please send an email to wecare@victra with as much detail as possible including the Victra store that you went into if applicable and Victra’s Guest Escalations department will reach out to you within 48 hours (2 business days)

20. If a price or promotion for my device changes a few days or weeks after I purchased it, can I ask for a refund?

Answer: Our customers are able to take advantage of any current in market promotion within 14 days of their purchase. For more information please visit one of our stores or contact Victra Customer Care at 1-800-279-3550  (open from 9 am to 9 pm EST, Monday – Friday)

21. Which phone is good for children or the elderly?

Answer: Sometimes a basic phone or even a flip phone is a great fit for a child or an elderly parent/grandparent. However, we’ve found that some of our elderly guest prefer a larger smartphone display for easier viewing over a basic flip phone. The iPhone SE is popular for children wanting an Apple iPhone without breaking the bank. We have many budget friendly Android devices that have a lot of the same great features for a fraction of the cost.

22. Should I schedule an appointment online before visiting a Victra or Verizon store?

Answer: We recommend scheduling an online appointment through our Store Locator because it will prioritize your visit over others in the store during the hour that you select.

23. Are there any special offers or discounts?

Answer: Rest assured that Victra store employees are informed on the latest promotions from Victra and Verizon which are also typically found on because our website is updated weekly with new promotions. There are also frequently in-store and discounts usually applying to device data plans for active military and veterans, first-responders, students, teachers, or guests who are 55+ years young. Verizon also encourages auto-pay enrollment to pay monthly directly from your bank account and paperless billing enrollment – enrolling in these can be an additional way a way to save $5 to $10 per phone number on your Verizon account.

*FAQs were published on 11/11/2021 and future product offerings and prices are subject to change. Answers provided in the FAQs section on apply to Victra’s network of over 900 stores and may not apply to Verizon stores or Victra-managed independent store operators (sub-agents).


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