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Verizon One Talk

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Below are the activation steps.

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Activate PIN & Make Profile

Download the Verizon One Talk app from the Apple or Android app store onto your device. Open the One Talk app –> Splash screen displays for a short while. Tap Allow to accept app permissions. Enter the One Talk number and preferred name then tap Request PIN to be sent by email. –>Ensure the user assigned to the line has a valid email address registered with Verizon My Business. If an email is not received see here. Enter the PIN sent via email, then tap Activate PIN. Then from the “Setup your Device & Profile” screen enter the appropriate info then tap Next: –>Profile info must be completed along with 911 address in the One Talk mobile app to complete the process:
•Company (Optional)
•Position (Optional)
911 Address

*Click for One Talk activation and new endpoint set up tips:

One Talk FAQs

1. Which data plans are compatible with One Talk?

Eligible Consumer plans: 5G Start, 5G Play More, 5G Do More, 5G Get More.
Eligible Discontinued Consumer plans: Play More Unlimited*, Do More Unlimited*, Get More Unlimited*, Above Unlimited*, Beyond Unlimited*, Go Unlimited*, Shared Data Plan – 5GB**, Shared Data Plan – 10GB**.
Eligible Business plans: The Verizon Plan for Business (up to 25 lines), The new Verizon Plan for Business (up to 25 lines), Flexible Business Plans, Nationwide for Business Plans, Business Unlimited, Business Flex, Business Custom. The MORE Everything® Plan for Small Business (up to 10 lines)*, Small Business Plans (up to 25, 50 or 100 lines), The Verizon Plan (up to 10 lines)*, The new Verizon Plan shared data plans, e.g., S, M, L (up to 10 lines)*.

2. Which devices support One Talk?
All 5G Ultra compatible smartphones sold by Verizon support One Talk, plus many more. Click here to see the list of devices supporting One Talk.

3. What type of internet service do I need to run One Talk on a desk phone?
One Talk uses VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology and requires a broadbank internet connection. The amount of broadband speed required varies by the quantity and type of phones assigned to the One Talk plan.

4. Can I use my existing telephone number as my OneTalk number?
You can use an existing mobile or landline number as your One Talk phone number, or port over a telephone number from another carrier by clicking here and following the steps.

5. What is One Talk Side View – Business App integrations?
One Talk Side View enables select third party business apps to easily work out of the box with One Talk Mobile and Desktop Apps such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace. Premium integrations include SalesForce, SugarCRM, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. The integrations allows tasks in One Talk such as logging calls, tasks, and events to synch with the compatible 3rd party CRM solutions.

6. If I need to deploy one or more desk phones for my workforce, how is the best way to do that?
Verizon recommends the T67LTE, an advanced wireless cellular business desk phone based on the Android™ operating system. The screen and functions are intuitive and offer a user experience similar to an Android smartphone. Setup is easy because it requires no network wiring and the device has a built-in embedded SIM (eSIM) card for connecting to the Verizon 4G / Voice over LTE (VoLTE) network. Typical data usage per phone is 100 MB per month compared to the ceiling of 500 MB data usable per phone per month. For more information on the Verizon One Talk T67LTE visit here.

7. What One Talk features will not work with the Verizon T67LTE?
All mobile device One Talk features will work except the following:
•Multicast Paging
•Line bridging
•Adding a native smartphone to share the number
•MMS messaging (regular SMS functionality)

8. What is the One Talk mobile app Call Through feature?
This feature allows you to route calls over cellular voice networks instead of a data channel. This can result in improved call quality and the solution offers multi-carrier support if some of your devices are not using Verizon’s voice channel. Additionally if you want to use voice minutes instead of data, the Call Through feature from One Talk allows you to do this.

9. What can I do to avoid dropped calls if I am not in a network coverage area?
One Talk works best when you’re in 4G LTE coverage. The calling behavior will fluctuate once you move outside of 4G LTE territory. If possible, connect to a Wi-Fi network when you’re not in a strong 4G LTE coverage area. Using the Transfer to Cell Phone option for call transfer will allow you to transfer the call from the app to your smartphone, which may provide a better calling experience when you have weak cellular signal. Using the Call Through feature will provide you with the best overall experience for making, receiving and managing calls especially when experiencing a weak cellular signal.

10. Where can I buy the T67LTE or One Talk desk phones?
One Talk desk phones are available through Victra’s Small and Medium business helpdesk and can be ordered from any Victra retail store. For assistance with your business account or for business solutions please call our business helpdesk: call (855)-851-4183(M-F, 9 to 9 EST) or visit a Victra-Verizon store near you.

11. How am I billed for One Talk calls?
All One Talk voice minutes and usage are tracked for reporting purposes on your bill, regardless of the device used. This lets you review the calls you’ve made during your billing cycle, but it doesn’t mean you pay extra for your calls.The way your calls are billed varies by device: All plans available for One Talk come with unlimited minutes and text. Video calls use data for the video portion of the calls, which will apply against the allowance on your data plan, unless the device is connected to Wi-Fi. Calls placed from a One Talk desk phone use a broadband internet connection to the Verizon network. These calls don’t use your plan minutes, if applicable. They use data from your internet service provider (ISP), which is included in your monthly broadband service charges. Calls placed from the One Talk mobile app on a smartphone or tablet use data instead of minutes. These calls will apply against the allowance on your data plan, unless the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

12. How do I make a video call?
There are a couple of ways to make a One Talk video call. To place video calls on One Talk: Enter the number on the Keypad tab (native or enhanced).
After connecting, tap the Video Camera icon. If a call starts as a voice call, at any point during the conversation that call can be upgraded to a video call (as long as the other party has video calling capabilities on his/her device, denoted by an active Video icon on the phone display). To make a video call using Wi-Fi: Make sure your device is connected using the Wi-Fi setting and not the 4G LTE connection. You can make a One Talk Wi-Fi call (Voice and/or Video) the same way you would on any video calling-capable mobile device: Enter a number with the phone dialer (native or enhanced). Tap the Video Camera icon on the dialer.

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One Talk T67LTE

The T67LTE is the perfect device for the One Talk mobile-first business phone system that’s designed for how you work today and into the future — call, collaborate and connect while you’re on the go or in the office. The T67LTE is the first advanced desk phone with embedded 4G LTE cellular technology in America. The 7" screen and functions are intuitive, offering a user experience similar to an Android™ smartphone.

No wiring is needed - the phone can be moved to any location with Verizon network coverage and offers easy set up. Just unbox the phone, plug the power in, and easily configure it like an Android™ smartphone.
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For business inquiries please call us at 1-800-279-3550 (M-F, 9 to 9 EST) to speak with our business support team.
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