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Scott Tollett

President and Chief Operating Officer

Scott Tollett is responsible for enhancing the company’s best-in-class customer experience and growing bottom line performance. He brings a results-driven, “front-lines” mentality with an ability to create a business climate that is fun, exciting, and conducive to achieving new benchmarks. Most recently, Scott served as Victra’s chief sales officer, exemplifying his strong leadership and strategic sales mindset in this critical role. Prior to his time at Victra, Scott’s most recent experience was senior vice president for Ritter Communications, an independent communications provider, where he delivered record-breaking sales achievements and improved customer satisfaction – three years in a row. In similar experience, Scott has developed countless industry leaders and has earned top J.D. Powers “customer experience” award as a leader with two different national wireless retailers. Growing up in Arkansas, Scott started his business career as a sales representative in boutique retail stores, before pursuing a degree from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville. Sales leadership is both profession and hobby, as Scott is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author on the subject.

Scott enjoys spending his free time outdoors and in the company of his wife Kim and three children.

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