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Eargo Hearing Aid Support

What’s Next?

We’re excited to join you in your journey back to the world of hearing again, and we know you’ll love your new Eargo Micro Hearing Device! As part of your Eargo purchase, you will receive lifetime support from their team of hearing professionals. To get started, completing your Welcome Call (the first meeting with Eargo’s hearing professionals) is critical to your success. If this wasn’t scheduled when you left the store, please call Eargo right away at 800-615-9000 and one of their team members will schedule this important appointment.

Before using the Eargo app, the Eargo team recommends spending the first week doing these three things. All videos are linked below for easy reference.

  1. Using one of the 4 pre-set listening programs already programmed into the hearing aids.
  2. Practice inserting and removing the devices from your ears and allow your ears to become used to having the devices in place.
  3. As you begin to hearing certain sounds again differently through your Eargos, please be patient since it will take time for your brain to adjust to these sounds. Fully adapting to hearing these sounds again can take weeks, not days. Again, have patience.

In the meantime, here are a few things you can do until you receive your Welcome Call from your Eargo Support Expert.

Adapt to Your New Eargos

Wearing your Eargos and adapting to sound requires time and patience. This video will help guide you through this experience.

Watch Now

Getting Started with Eargo

We’ve curated a series of videos that can help you learn more about your new Eargos and how to get started after you’ve fully charged your devices.

Getting Started Videos

Pre-Set Hearing Programs

Until you are able pair with your Eargo App, check out how to use the 4 Pre-Set Hearing Programs to see which works best for you. Once you can pair your Eargos with the Eargo mobile app, you’ll be able to customize each device, as well as, setup different programs.

Watch Now

Remember, your meeting with an Eargo hearing professional is critical and should occur within one week of purchasing your Eargos. If you need help or have questions before then, they have experts standing by to help. Simply call Eargo at from 8 am to 8 pm CST Monday through Friday.

*Eargos are intended for use in adults with mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss. Will not restore normal hearing. Full benefit best obtained with frequent use. Copyright © 2022 Eargo Inc. – All Rights Reserved. Product availability varies by location. See victra.com or your local VICTRA store for further detail. Restrictions apply. Company and product names mentioned may be trademarks of the respective owners. ©2022 VICTRA IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: Subject to separate VZW agreement, calling plan & credit approval, where applicable. Screen images are simulated; actual appearance of devices may vary. All company names, trademarks, logos & copyrights not property of Verizon Wireless are the property of their respective owners.

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