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Top 4 Questions About 6G Answered

The story of technology going from a seedling of an idea to reality and beyond in a mere hundred or so years has left all of us in awe. It also begs the question: If technological innovation has gone this far so quickly, where might it go next? When 3G existed in the early 2000s, it was the best internet speed and capacity yet, and consumers had difficulty seeing how it was possible to get even better and go even faster. With 5G now in practice, bringing the fastest internet speeds ever experienced, humanity is once again trying to visualize what that next step looks like. We’re here to tell you that you no longer have to wonder – 6G is a thing, and it is more powerful than ever. As with anything new and unfamiliar, curiosities arise. Check out a few of the top questions about 6G, along with answers from our dedicated team of in-house experts.

  1. How Will 6G Be Achieved?

There are a few challenges that 6G faces before it can be used by the general public. While 5G requires the millimeter wave (mmWave) bands of 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz to operate at its full potential, the next generation of connectivity will likely move to frequencies above 100 GHz in the ranges which are called sub-terahertz. Those higher frequencies can be achieved by using new types of antennas as well as incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to perform tasks, such as managing data traffic and using resources efficiently.

While more work and antenna setup is required, the higher levels of frequencies are indeed possible – it’s just a matter of “when” this will happen, which will be addressed shortly.

  1. How Will 6G Transform Our Lives?

6G technology in the short term will have a bigger impact on business and industry, which benefits consumers as a result. The newest technology in mobile connectivity already has the ability to handle millions of connections simultaneously, and further improvements will give machines the power to perform tasks they can’t do today. In addition, ecommerce growth has accelerated immensely in just the past few years, reaching 20 percent in the six months following the pandemic. Add in the rise of remote work, and the demand for greater speed and capacity is like a desperate cry to be fed in the deep hunger for data bandwidth. 6G would bring humanity to the levels of connectivity where it should be, instead of the feeling that it falls behind.

  1. Will 6G Technology Be Sustainable?

It’s true that sustainability is the center of every conversation in telecommunications today. As the world creeps closer to 6G, both humans and machines will consume an immense amount of data, which has an impact on the environment. If you thought you were closer to green living by throwing a plastic bottle in recycling, think again. A single email is currently responsible for 4 grams of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. While that may cause a chorus of frustrated sighs, 6G technology is expected to help, rather than hurt, sustainability efforts. One example is that 6G can optimize the use of natural resources in farms. Also, 6G’s use of real-time data will enable smart vehicle routing, which will cut carbon emissions.

Getting 6G to think “outside the frequency” about sustainable data is what many innovators seek, and they are closer than ever to achieving that goal.

  1. When Will 6G Be Available?

As mentioned previously, the “when” of publicly available 6G depends on a couple of factors. Technical advances are less of an issue, as the technology itself is available. It’s more about when AI can be incorporated to make 6G more adoptable for general use and when the required antennas can be set up. With supply chain issues that have been experienced since the onset of COVID-19, the timing is certainly falling short of expectations, but it’s also closer than ever to taking place. Keep your ears and eyes open, because it may be coming to your market sooner than you realize.

In an ecommerce world where tomorrow is too late, 6G is no longer a matter of if, but when. To keep up with the latest technology breakthroughs, news, and equipment, trust your local Verizon Victra store to have the devices and accessories you need. Soon, 6G will be available in smartphones across the world, and when that day comes you won’t want to miss it. Sign up for our email newsletter, if you haven’t already, to receive the next big 6G announcements.


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