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Motorola: A Device That Stands the Test of Time

If you thought classic phone brands couldn’t make a comeback, you might be in for a big surprise. Motorola is a cell phone brand with a steeper history than most. In fact, Motorola’s founding company was established nearly 100 years ago, long before the first cellphone was even imagined. But don’t let the age of the founding company fool you into thinking this phone is out of style. Far from it! In 2021, Motorola’s sales grew 131% YoY and it rose through the ranks to become the #2 smartphone player in the $400-and-below price segment in the U.S..

It’s easy to see why fans remain loyal to this brand. Consumer studies show how users look for value, dependability and long battery life, and Motorola happens to score well on these criteria. If you’re wondering which Motorola phone is worthy of your next smartphone purchase, we’re breaking down the features to make your decision making that much easier.

Motorola Edge+

The Edge+ is Motorola’s flagship line, featuring a 10-bit 6.7-inch FHD+ OLED Display and a 144Hz refresh rate. The entire system is powered by one of the most cutting-edge phone batteries out there, with 4800 mAh and up to 41 hours usage time–14 days standby time. The camera is also one of its strongest features, which includes a triple-lens setup on the back and 50 MP Ultrawide, 2MP Depth Sensor and a single 60MP hi-res selfie camera in the front. All these features are complete with a stunning display and sleek, futuristic design. Enjoy faster performance with the Edge+ and high-quality photos and videos, all with 5G capability.

Motorola Moto G Power

There’s average battery life and then there’s superstar battery life. Motorola’s Moto G is giving superstar vibes with its 5000mAh up-to three-day battery. Also, there are more ways to get creative with a 50 MP camera system that lets you capture the smallest details up close as well as shoot from both the front and rear cameras simultaneously. With the recent Moto G release, it’s easier to keep photos, movies, songs, apps, and games stowed in up to 64 GB of built-in storage and access to cloud storage when you need it. With 6.5’’ HD+ Max Vision LCD and 90Hz Refresh Rate, this is certainly one of Motorola’s trendiest designs yet and it’s making long-time fans rush to their nearest Victra store for good reason.

Motorola One 5G UW

The release of Motorola’s One 5G UW is receiving accolades for its powerful processing capabilities at an affordable price point. It’s easier than ever to enjoy your favorite entertainment on the large 6.7″ CinemaVision display with cinematic views. And with days-long battery life that’s making tech enthusiasts swoon– just as it did with the Moto G Power– there’s even more to love about this recent smartphone release. The ease of hands-free control lets the user seamlessly enjoy both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Oh, and who doesn’t love having one of the best quad-camera systems on their device with 48 MP Quad Pixel technology?

Say hello to the fastest, most advanced smartphones in Motorola’s long and trustworthy history. Are you ready to test the power of the past, present and future all in one device? Head over to your local Verizon Victra store to check out the new Moto G, Motorola Edge+ and Motorola One 5G UW and see for yourself why Motorola has stood the test of time while looking forward to a bright future.


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