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Celebrating Black History Month: 4 Inventors Who Changed Technology

Black History Month is about more than celebrating the now, it’s about celebrating history and who was a part of changing it for the better. This month, we’d like to honor some inventors who played a key role in transforming the technology industry.

Let’s hop in our time machine and take an exciting journey back in time. From innovations in advanced computing and home security mechanics here are some incredible inventors who deserve the recognition and remembrance this Black History Month and all throughout the year.

Marie Van Brittan Brown

As an entrepreneur who lived in 1960s New York City, Marie Van Brittan Brown is mostly known for creating the first home security system. This was a closed-circuit television system that allowed her to monitor and control the entry points to her home. Brown’s invention was revolutionary for its time and helped pave the way for modern security advancements. She was awarded by the National Science Committee and inspired women to not be afraid to speak out about their ideas. Her clever invention helped keep her family safe and consequently made a significant impact on the security of others around the world.

Otis Boykin

Otis Boykin was an African American inventor, scientist, and engineer whose inventions made a huge impact in the field of electronic control devices. Boykin’s most notable invention is the electronic control device used in IBM computers. This device revolutionized the field of computing and made computers faster and more efficient. He also created an improved version of the pacemaker, a device that regulates the heartbeat. Pacemakers continue to be used to this day and have saved countless lives.

Boykin’s inventions are significant because they markedly improved the technology that we use in our daily lives and also help to save lives with improvements to medical devices. His legacy continues to inspire generations to this day and his impact will indeed continue to be felt for many years to come.

Lisa Gelobter

Who doesn’t love sending the perfect GIF to their group chat? The next time you use one you can thank computer scientist Lisa Gelobter. Gelobter is most notably known for her contribution to the invention of the popular web animation known as GIFs. She played a key role in this development during her time as the Chief Digital Service Officer for the US Department of Education. Subsequently, millions of people around the world began using them in conversation with others online.

In addition to her work on GIFs, Gelobter has made undeniably significant contributions to other areas of technology. These areas include user experience design, digital media, and online video. She continues to inspire and mentor the next generation of technologists to this day. So, the next time you’re texting a GIF to a friend from your smartphone, you can think of this innovator.

Dr. James E. West

Dr. James E. West is an acoustical scientist who is widely known for co-inventing the electret microphone. The electret microphone was groundbreaking technology that revolutionized the way we capture sound. Invented in 1962, the electret microphone paved the way for the development of many modern-day communication devices. It’s also known for its high sensitivity and low noise operation, making it a critical tool in various fields such as music and broadcasting.

Studying history shows us how much the inventions of yesterday shape today. The great news is that it doesn’t stop there – history is being made today for the generations of tomorrow. In whatever way you dream of changing the world, let us make sure you have the best tools in your toolbelt to make those dreams a reality. Want to read more about the latest in technology?

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