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Android™ 13 Review

Hey tech warriors, the latest OS update from Google (Android 13) has arrived, and there are some great features you’ll want to take advantage of. From customizing your apps by color, theme and language to matching your media player with your taste in music, this is Google’s most personalized update yet. With the majority of millennials prioritizing experiences over ‘stuff,’ personalization has become key in the smartphone experience. They want their devices to represent an extension of self, and Google is saying loud and clear that they understood the assignment on this update.

As your local tech experts, we’re here to give you the latest on why this is the best software release yet for Android users. Check out these top four features of the Android™ 13 update:

  • Streamlined Design for All Tastes: Android 13’s design is a major step up above Android 12 with more personalization options, dynamic color schemes and smoother, cutting-edge animations. This is next level innovation at its finest with the ability to auto-theme icons that adapt to the background/wallpaper and an extended color palette that puts more control in the hands of users. Keep in mind that auto-theming icons only work with supported apps.
  • Amplified Audio Quality: Both advanced LE Audio and LC3 support will come built into the operating system of the new software update, giving users a better audio experience on their Android smartphones. Plus, with spatial audio, you can now enjoy sound from every direction! With head-tracking enabled headphones, spatial audio shifts the source of the sound based on how you turn your head, making you feel like you’re in the middle of the big sports game, movie or concert right from your Android phone or tablet.
  • Say Goodbye to Pesky Notifications: One of the most important and exciting features of Google’s Android S13 is the new notification permissions. While apps have already been seeking permission for calls, contacts, and camera notifications, the updated OS will also require approval before any apps can send push notifications. This new attribute will help users proactively protect their time and attention span.
  • More Privacy, Your Way: Who doesn’t appreciate more privacy in a technology-driven world? Now, instead of sharing your entire media library with apps, you can select the only photos and videos they’ll need to access. The Photo Picker feature lets only those apps that you allow get access to specific items and not the entire photo library. In addition, the layout of your albums is more visually polished and organized.

Of course, no software update is complete without the latest in Google smartphone technology. Your local Verizon Victra store has all the latest and greatest in smart mobile devices, including the Google Pixel 6, the most secure Pixel phone on the market with unmatched hardware security layers. Power, personalization and performance are waiting for you in the cutting-edge mobile software updates of today.


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