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Tips for How to Switch from iPhone to Android

December 3, 2021

Maybe you’ve been an Apple devotee for years, or perhaps you tried an iPhone and decided it isn’t really for you. Either way, you’re switching from an iPhone to an Android, and you may be wondering just how complicated a process is. 

Making the switch to Android isn’t difficult, just a little time-consuming. You’ll need to know how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android, how to sync your calendar and the best way to link your iTunes to your new phone. We can help with that

Making the Transition

People switching from iPhones to Androids do so for many different reasons: pricing, access to Google’s many services, personal preferences – everyone has their own reasons (just as anyone switching from Android to iPhone has their own, equally valid, reasons). 

Making the transition to Android can feel strange to people used to Apple’s carefully curated consumer culture. Owning an Apple device has long been linked to being on the cutting edge of technology –  of being a part of something larger than yourself, but apart from the crowd. 

The truth is, Android phones are just as advanced as iPhones, with cameras, apps, storage capacity, and 5G capabilities that match the latest models of iPhone. You’re not losing anything with the switch, but you might be gaining a phone that fits your needs better. 

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android

Backing up your iPhone photos and contacts isn’t a difficult process, but it can be time-consuming if you have a large photo and video library. All you’ll need is your iPhone and a Google account.

Download the Google Drive iOS app to your iPhone and sign in on your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you can sign up for one through the app. You’re going to want an account anyway if you’re switching from iPhone to Android – you use your Google account to download apps, back up data, and upload photos to Google Drive, the equivalent of Apple’s iCloud.

Once you sign in to your Google account on the Google Drive iOS you can back up all your contacts, photos, and videos to Google Drive. To do so, open the Settings option in the app menu and select Backup. Backup can take a few hours, so be sure to be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi and have your phone charger handy.

How much can you store on Google Drive? The service offers 15GB of free space, compared to iCloud’s 5GB. You can also purchase extra space for a monthly fee, ranging from $1.99 for 100GB to $12.00 for 2TB.

Transferring Text Messages

When it comes to transferring text messages from iPhone to Android, the first step is to decide if your texts are worth moving. Unless texts contain sensitive information you really want to keep, you might want to skip this part, as it can get complicated.

Basically, you’ll need to connect the iPhone to a computer and back up the text files, after which you move the text messages to the Android phone using a cloud storage system such as Google Drive. So far, so good. Unfortunately, the files will be unreadable at this point unless you use an app such as iSMS2droid or Samsung Smart Switch to convert the raw data back into text messages. As we said, this can get complicated, so you may wish to simply bid your older text messages adieu unless you need them for business or legal reasons.

How to Sync Your iPhone Calendar with an Android

Fortunately syncing your iPhone calendar with your new Android isn’t as tricky as transferring text messages. Open your iPhone’s Settings and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Now select Add Account and log in with your Google account.

Launch the iPhone Calendar app, tap Calendar, and select your Google account. Now open your Android phone’s Settings and select Accounts. Log into your Google account and your old calendar will sync to your new smartphone.

How to Move iTunes from iPhones to Androids

To move your iTunes library from your old iPhone to an Android device, you can do it on a PC and navigate to Youtube’s Music website, create an account, and drag then drop your files. It’s as simple as that. You’ll find your uploaded songs in albums then uploads or under songs then uploads. 

iTunes Movies and DRM Removal

While transferring music from iTunes to Android is easy enough, moving videos over is a little tricky. If you purchased a movie or video through iTunes, the file is DRM (digital rights management) protected to prevent piracy. Before you transfer the video, you must remove the DRM using DRM removal software.

If that sounds illegal, don’t worry. It’s perfectly legal to remove DRM protection in the US, if the file is for your own use. Copying the file to distribute to others is illegal, but the act of removing DRM isn’t.

Moving Apps from iPhones to Androids

Sorry folks, but you’re going to have to download your favorite apps the old-fashioned way. As iPhone and Android OS are incompatible, you’ll have to make a list of your old apps and find their equivalents in the Google Play Store. The good news is that if an app requires an account your old info will carry over when you log into the new Android app. If it’s any consolation, people who ask how to move apps to the iPhone from Android get the same answer: the two systems simply don’t have an easy app transfer process – yet. 

Adjusting to the Learning Curve

Switching from iPhone to Android does come with a bit of a learning curve, whether you choose to buy your new phone online or in a store. The Android interface and layout will be different from your familiar iPhone, but you’ll quickly discover the new layout is very intuitive and easy to master. The phone’s manual should answer any question you have, or you can quickly find information online. After exploring their new phone for a few hours, most people make the switch to Android without any problems. 

This leaves you with one more decision: what do you do with your old phone? if you didn’t trade it in, you can donate your old iPhone to charity, give it to a family member, or sell it for cash. 

Switching from iPhone to Android isn’t all that difficult, and once you’re done you’ll be able to explore how to record calls on an Android, how to use widgets and other helpful tools. Welcome to the Android family – there’s a lot of us out there!


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