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You Won’t Believe These 5 Amazing Tech Innovations That Are Coming to Your Home

What once lived in our favorite sci-fi movies and futuristic cartoons is now a vision in real life – or as Gen Z calls it “IRL.” Our homes are where we spend much of our time, and with the increase in remote work and the amount of time spent in our homes overall, it’s time to think outside the box about how we can advance the household experience through cutting-edge tech and devices. Necessity has truly been the mother of invention when it comes to upgrading tech experiences within the home. As we celebrate advancements in the digital age through innovative smartphones, 5G, Fios, and unique devices, we’re also excited to explore a few of the biggest innovations coming to households. Maybe they’ve found their way to your doorstep already.

Tech Overview

  • Smart Locks
  • Voice-Activated Appliances
  • Smart Medical Services
  • Robotics
  • Smart Fitness Technology

Smart Locks

Physical keys will soon be a thing of the past and in our opinion, good riddance! Thousands of homes across the country have already jumped on board with installing smart locks on their front doors, gates, garages and almost any place where security is a must. The rising demand for smart locks will enable a new generation of devices that will be compatible with any lock out there, and it will be exciting to keep a close eye on the developers changing the industry for the better, especially with advancements to lock systems such as face recognition, similar to smartphones.

Voice-Activated Appliances

AI is everywhere, and soon it will be everywhere in our homes. Look for AI-powered sensors to be adopted into smart appliances that seamlessly respond to voice commands and gestures. Yes, there will be a time when everything electronic in our homes responds to voice. Soon, you will be able to ask AI to open the curtains, preheat the oven, or automatically replenish standard groceries when supplies are low.

Smart Medical Services

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to wonder if you were about to have a heart attack or what illness your child might have picked up from daycare. Soon, advanced sensors like the ones we have within our smartwatches will be available on a wider scale throughout our homes. These sensors and devices will be able to assess symptoms, offer science-based recommendations and make SOS emergency calls at the command of a voice or the click of a button. Life is full of ups and downs and having access to smart medical services 24/7 will give everyone peace of mind in a sometimes-chaotic world.


Talk about tech-drive service! Samsung’s “butler robot” Bot Handy is a thing and could be coming to your doorstep very soon. Over the past 10 years, we’ve experienced a flood of smart tech demos, from advanced voice-command robotic dogs to machines with arms that can perform tasks like pouring wine and doing laundry. The next 10 years are sure to bring more useful machine assistants ready to be debuted to the masses and we can’t wait to follow along with all the exciting industry updates.

Smart Fitness Technology

We’ve seen it with the fitness mirrors that use AI to track progress and apps that get users hyped for a workout anytime, anywhere. With seamless integration between fitness devices in our home gym and our smartphones and smartwatches, fitness resolutions are even easier to achieve. Workout tech advancements within the household will become an even bigger trend in the next 10 years and we can’t wait to see what the brightest developers have in store for public release.

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