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5 Must-Have Fitness Apps to Kick Off New Year, New You

If you made a fitness New Year’s resolution this year, you’re not alone. Health-related topics like exercising more, eating healthier, and losing weight are the top three New Year’s resolutions across the board. Despite many people wanting 2023 to be their healthiest year yet, over 60 percent of those who make resolutions end up abandoning them in the first month of the new year. While that number is disappointing, it doesn’t have to mean throwing those goals out the window once faced with the first obstacle. This year can still be your healthiest one yet, and a single bump in the road does not define the entire journey.

With that, finding the motivation to continue charging toward those fitness goals can be supported by the world of tech and the many apps that live within. So, grab your yoga mat, favorite pair of free weights, and a bottle of water and let’s dive into the top fitness apps that will keep workouts fun, fresh, and exciting all year long.


Finally, a program that takes personal training out of your grandfather’s gym and into the future. Personal training app Future is designed for the user who wants the ability and flexibility to workout anytime, anyplace with a personal coach that moves with them. The best part? You can browse hundreds of personal trainers who have worked with everyone from Olympic athletes to the newbie picking up a free weight for the first time. And with a reasonable monthly price, personal training is made affordable for everyone. Now there’s some motivating news that’ll make you want to put on that tank top and get to work!

Nike Training Club

Tackling a New Year’s resolution should be convenient and fun, and the developers at Nike understood that assignment. With the Nike Training Club App, specially formulated workouts are designed to work both body and mind and make those new fitness habits more likely to stick. Featuring quicker options, goal-setting tools, and new daily content, Nike trainers meet users at their workout schedule and speed while providing specific nutrition, recovery, and mindset tips along the way. Sometimes a workout itself isn’t enough to get people motivated, and that’s where those encouraging voices are needed to bridge the gap and help them show up.


Ready, set, sweat! The Sweat App is a fitness program that was made for women, by women, and we can’t get enough of this motivating girl power. These trainers help users plan to succeed with an easy-to-use app that helps them schedule workouts, customize real-time reminders, and review a detailed workout history map to see exactly how far you’ve come. There’s a workout for every kind of woman, from full-body HIIT workouts to pregnancy and post-pregnancy training so that everyone can reach their goals regardless of what life stage they are in. The best part – Sweat offers integration with the Apple Watch, so that you know exactly where you are in each workout and rep. We’re breaking a sweat just thinking about all the awesome work ahead.


It’s not just about the bike anymore – Peloton has expanded their workout program in a big way to include thousands of workouts designed to fit users’ goals, moods, fitness level, and musical taste. With countless available options like boxing, barre, hiking, bootcamps, meditation, and more, this is a fitness app that actually fits every lifestyle. Regardless of if you have a Peloton machine or not, you can enjoy the same power of community that the brand has become famous for.


We can’t help but run toward this popular running app. Strava is on a mission to bring runners out of the same boring loop they’ve repeated for ages with fun routes developed by people just like you! The beauty of the sophisticated AI within the app is that it turns every iPhone and Android into a cutting-edge trailblazing machine. All you have to do is start Strava before an activity and you’ll have the ability to track performance statistics, create maps, and afterwards, dive as deep as you’d like into the data. The app also serves as a social network connecting athletes and sharing run routes. The only thing better than working out is making friends while doing it. With an app like this, you’ll become accountable for each step toward your goal, which is great for keeping those resolutions on track.

Is it time for some new tech to match the new you? Whether you find yourself needing a new smartphone to better enjoy HD workout videos, or new headphones to bring some skull-thumping motivation to each rep, head over to your local Verizon Victra store for the most cutting-edge gear. Now let’s get back on track with those resolutions, because there’s an entire NEW year ahead of us.


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