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4 Ways to Improve Your Phones Performance: Spring Cleaning Edition

Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start, and what better way to tackle a reset head-on than cleaning up the tech devices in your life? We don’t simply mean wiping the lotion smudges off your phone screen – though everyone can benefit from that. This kind of cleaning goes a bit deeper than surface level. Updating and refreshing your devices can be a daunting task, especially because tech clutter is less noticeable than the pile of laundry in your bedroom. Thankfully with these few simple tips, you’ll be surprised how things start running smoothly and feeling brand new in no time. So grab your feather duster and let’s get clean!

Declutter Your Tech: Say Goodbye to Unused Files and Apps

One of the biggest culprits for a slow device is a cluttered hard drive. Take the time to go through your files – we see you with those 8,000 photos – and delete any old or unnecessary ones, as well as any duplicates or files similar to the ones you already have.

It’s also a good idea to go through your apps and delete any that you no longer use. To easily sort through apps, you can go to the app store of your device and click on your profile. From there it’s much easier to see every app and decide which ones are no longer needed. The “screen time” feature also allows you to see what apps you spend the most time on. It’s a good idea to kick the ones that have zero minutes of time spent as they are just wasting space.

​​Get Your Tech Up to Speed: Give Your Software the Love it Deserves

Software updates not only provide new features and enhancements but also fix bugs and security issues. Make sure all of your devices are running the latest software versions, even if it means surrendering your device for a while so it can properly download the update. This includes operating systems, apps that you do use regularly and any other software consistently opened. After all, if we show love to our tech, it will show love back to us in the form of faster load times and enhanced operation.

Tech TLC: Give Your Screens, Keyboards, and Cables a Deep Clean and Tidy

A clean screen and keyboard not only look better but can also improve your device’s performance. Use a microfiber cloth and a little bit of water or solution to clean your screens. For keyboards, use compressed air to blow out any dust or debris, which can be found at most nearby retailers. You can also use a small brush to gently remove any debris between the keys.

For cables, invest in cable organizers, so that you never have to untangle wires during long trips. It’s also a good idea to buy backup chargers for phones and laptops and keep them neatly folded in case the time arises when your trusted cable stops working, as that tends to happen at the most unfortunate time!

Upgrade Your Tech Game: Treat Yourself to the Latest and Greatest

If your device is outdated and struggling to keep up with modern software, it might be time to invest in an upgrade. Because new devices are expensive, it’s wise to budget and focus on one upgrade at a time. Is your laptop or phone more critical to upgrade? Also do ample research on the latest phones, such as the iPhone 14 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S23 or the Google Pixel 7 Pro to find out which fits best for your lifestyle and budget.

When it comes to making sure your tech is operating at its fullest potential for your busy lifestyle, your local Verizon Victra store is always ready to step in and offer a helping hand. From expert advice provided by our experienced staff, helping customers personalize their devices to meet their needs and offering accessories for streamlining redundant tasks and so much more, we have something for everyone.


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