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Day in the Life

A Day in the Life at Victra 

Meet Our Employees

Diana - Store Manager (Retail)
Greg - Customer Care Representative
Anna - Sales Consultant (Retail)

8:45 AM: My Morning

I try to end breakfast by 9:00 so that I have enough time to clean up for a few minutes before driving into work at the store.

This month, during my commute, I am trying out a new Podcast series on unique places in the USA. I also check my phone for employee callouts as we will be needing two employees in the store for the morning and evening.

9:45 AM: Store Set-up

First I set up the devices for our guests. I pull out the display phones, tablets, and smartwatches and wipe them down to sanitize and remove fingerprint smudges. It is important to check that each device turns on. I also wipe down with disinfectant the high-traffic zones in the store, like the checkout counter and waiting areas.


After the store is looking ready and clean, I pull the cash from the store safe in the back, and put the change in the register, then set up our iPad for guest checkout. I test the credit card reader at the desk because once it was not working and our team did not know until the first guest of that day was left waiting while we called into technical support located at our main office in Raleigh.

The final steps of the store opening procedure are the most important: (1) unlocking the store front door and (2) checking for any shipments into the store for customer orders or new inventory. Also, it helps to check that the trade-in phones and tablets from last night were picked up by the carrier. That way customers can receive in a few weeks credit for sending in their trade-ins.

9:59 AM: Opening

I see a guest in the parking area outside while unlocking the door. She is in her car and I don’t recognize her from a previous visit. She comes in and immediately says she has a billing concern. I take her over to our main checkout counter  and we work through the billing issue near the checkout desk with Verizon Customer Service also on the phone. Between the 3 of us we resolve the billing issue after the guest repeats her problem twice, and this guest leaves the store relieved and grateful. This guest is thinking of leaving a positive online Google review for our store – which will help us get more future traffic and sales.

6:00 PM: End My Shift

I made three phone sales today and one of the customers bought two accessories with their iPhone. The sales were pretty good for a Tuesday!

A guest named Ed came in this afternoon wanting to pre-order one of the new Galaxy Fold4 smartphones. These are so fun to sell because of the unique features, and some customers like researching online about it before coming in! This guest said he would return after dinner so I shared the information with my employee, Alex, who is taking over my shift. We agreed that Alex should take the sale and he would find me a customer in August as a make-up. I always try my best to lead by example and support my employees!

8:55 AM: Into the Office

I try to arrive for my 9 o’clock AM shift a few minutes early and back into my parking space.

If I am on time for my shift I usually can park under some trees in the parking lot.

10:30 AM: Team Training

The training is part of a 6-part series, led by our in-house trainer, covering role-play, examples, and strategies leading to efficient resolution of the most complex customer inquiries and more satisfied customers. I was given the opportunity to share inputs with the trainer that helped develop part of this training program.

4:00 PM: Performance Appraisal

Larry, my director, and I step off of the call center floor for my annual performance assessment. Larry talks to me about the written assessment and shares recent examples of his points. I am relieved to receive a good performance rating and was even happier that there were no surprises in the feedback from Larry.  Victra will be expanding into video-assisted calling and chat next year and Larry says I need training to make the shift and handle those new types of customer inquiries. Also, I need to work on improving my follow up with some customers after the call ends (sometimes I forget to email them after the call). Larry shared his appreciation that my average talk-time declined over the last year and I think there are more ways to further continue improving customer-handling.

8:15 AM: Breakfast & Commute

I woke up this morning feeling groggy so stayed in bed and ate breakfast from there. By the time breakfast was over I felt better and was able to get dressed quickly.

9: 45 AM: Open the Store

There was not traffic driving into work today – I arrived to the store and pulled our latest range of phones, tablets, and watches to wipe them down with disinfectant. I always try my best to wipe down the door and counters with disinfectant because COVID is still in the news.

4:00 PM: Moved a Family to Verizon

This afternoon I helped a family of 5 with moving over to Verizon from US Cellular. The family wanted 5G speeds and US Cellular does not have 5G so the family was eager to do business with us today. I helped move them over to our network and the youngest teenager needed “set up and go” assistance.

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