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What to do for Earth Day: Tech Edition

Earth Day is an annual holiday celebrated globally to promote environmental awareness and encourage actions that will help protect our planet. While traditional Earth Day activities often involve outdoor events such as planting trees or cleaning up a beach, there are plenty of other ways to participate in Earth Day through the transformative power of technology.

In this tech-focused guide, we’ll explore some innovative ways to utilize the device in your hand to help make a lasting difference for our planet.

Join an Online Earth Day Event

There are a variety of virtual events taking place on Earth Day, from educational webinars to virtual nature walks, workshops and so much more. Find an event that interests you and join in on the fun! Not only will you learn something new about this world we call home as well as the plants and animals within, but it’s exciting to join a global community that’s working toward a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Use Eco-Friendly Apps

Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to begin on your journey to a planet-friendly lifestyle. There are several eco-friendly apps available that can help users reduce their carbon footprint as well as make more sustainable choices in everyday life. Apps like JouleBug help track energy consumption and mobilize the entire team at workplaces to make progress toward sustainability goals on a fun and user-friendly platform. Recipe app Green Kitchen helps those looking to eat healthier find eco-friendly meal ideas and recipes with simple step-by-step instructions. Olio is an app that helps users reduce clutter and food waste by sharing items and leftovers no longer needed with neighbors. These are just a few of countless app options out there for those looking to make an impact this Earth Day.

Shop Sustainable Devices

Did you know that many phone companies submit what’s called an environmental report so that customers can feel confident their tech purchases are good for the planet? Apple’s 2022 Product Environmental Report shared that the company made parts of their iPhone 14 Pro, such as the camera wiring and magnets, with 100% recycled material. They also package the phones in 100% recycled wood fiber. Samsung also shares on its website how they are committed to sustainability and utilizes eco-friendly partnerships to make its devices more environmentally friendly.

Recycle Your E-waste

When E-waste isn’t properly disposed of, it can wreak havoc on the environment. When we toss our electronics in the trash, it contributes to air, marine and soil pollution. One way to combat this is to find organizations in your community that specialize in recycling electronics. Victra has locations across the country, and we are proud to partner with ethical tech organization Nimble through the Victra Nimble Recycling program. Drop off your old electronics for free and experience the impact you create through the power of E-waste recycling. Recycling old electronics benefits the environment by reducing hazardous waste in landfills, conserves natural resources by reusing materials from old electronics rather than extracting new ones, saves energy by requiring less energy than manufacturing new electronics, and can generate economic benefits by recovering valuable materials. We can help the environment, conserve resources, and create economic value by recycling old electronics.

By utilizing the power of technology to make environmentally conscious choices in our daily lives, we can all do our part to protect this incredible planet and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.


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