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How to Recycle E-waste in Honor of Earth Day

Global waste is on the rise and expected to reach 3.40 billion tons by the year 2050. While 75% of the waste Americans produce is recyclable, only about 30% is actually recycled. With Earth Day right around the corner on April 22nd, we’re focusing on ways to better care for our planet, even here in the digital age! You might think of recycling as simply separating your cardboard boxes from your aluminum cans and tossing them into labeled containers. Sure, that’s a great way to show our planet some love, but did you know that items such as cell phones and tablets can be recycled as well? Here at Victra we have a special program dedicated to just that. Let’s learn some useful e-waste facts and how we can contribute to the solution as we celebrate Earth Day!

What is e-waste?

From TVs to fax machines, e-waste is any electronic waste that is no longer wanted or needed, regardless of whether it still works or not. Now, you may have a shoebox under the bed full of old cell phones, including that super cool flip phone or the original iPhone. Perhaps you have no idea what to do with them and it feels wrong to toss them in the trash. You’re right, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution.

When e-waste isn’t properly disposed of, it can have negative impacts on the environment.

Air pollution: When we toss those electronics in the trash, it’s typically burned in incinerators which produces dangerous emissions.
Marine pollution: Unfortunately, the ocean has become a common dumping ground. Every year, eight million metric tons of plastic goes into the ocean, and e-waste has the power to damage ecosystems to the point of no return.
Soil impacts: Landfills are the catch-all waste sites. From electronics to plastics, the landfills have about 146 million tons of municipal solid waste. As electronics break down, they release toxic chemicals into the soil that affect plants, trees and can even make their way into human and animal food supplies.

A Solution to E-waste

There are a few ways to get rid of those old electronics that don’t include storing them in a shoebox or polluting the earth. If you choose not to donate your items, you just might be surprised to find that some organizations in your community recycle electronics. Here at Victra, we’re committed to a greener future, and our team is proud to partner with Nimble’s award-winning approach to environmental sustainability through the Victra Nimble Recycling program. What exactly is Nimble? We’re so glad you asked! Nimble creates eye-catching tech items and accessories made of high-quality materials with less environmental burden.

Since launching this program just last year, we have had more than 8,000 pounds of e-recycling brought to over 1500 Victra store locations nationwide!

Here’s how YOU can get involved:

1. Visit your local Verizon Victra store and purchase any Nimble Portable Device Charger, wireless charging pad or 65W Dual USB-C + USB-A Wally Wall Charger.
2. Register on Nimble’s recycling webpage and fill up the e-waste bag provided by Nimble with your old electronic accessories.
3. Return the filled recycling pouch to your Victra store or Nimble pick-up location to be sent to Nimble’s central recycling collection area here in the U.S.

Upgrading and purchasing new tech devices is fun and allows us to explore the digital age as new features and technologies are released, but that doesn’t mean we need to throw the old out into the trash. Our Victra team is proud to contribute to a better planet through e-recycling, and we’re happy to answer any questions about Nimble or electronics recycling.

Stop by your local Victra store and start shopping the more sustainable way.



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