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Victra Business Solutions For Freelance and Independent Contractors

More and more people are turning to contract and freelance employment to build a career on their own terms. Control over your schedule, workload, and work environment, allows you to design a work life that fits your needs and priorities, offering a level of freedom that can be difficult to find in “traditional” employment. Working on a project-by-project basis allows you to gain experience in different industries, work with different teams, and tackle new challenges on a regular basis – all of which can be incredibly rewarding.

There are challenges that come with contract work. Financial insecurity and a lack of benefits can keep you up at night. But the emotional and experiential benefits of this type of work far outweigh the downsides, especially as the “traditional” employment landscape continues to shift and evolve.

We recognize small business owners have a lot of plates to balance, from marketing to leads follow-up and technology upgrades for your team. We can help make your life simpler with Small Business Solutions from America’s Most Reliable 5G Network, Verizon. From your mobile tech needs to in-office/in-home solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or just starting to explore the possibilities of contract work, your local Victra – Verizon Authorized Retailer can help you.  The good news – if you receive a 1099, you qualify for a Verizon Business Account. Let Victra’s team of Business Experts partner with you to find right-sized mobile tech and solutions, including business internet, mobile phone / device plans, and more, all at a lower cost for you and your family.

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