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Verizon Call Forwarding: A Complete Guide for Customers

What is Verizon Call Forwarding?

Verizon call forwarding allows you to redirect incoming calls from your Verizon phone number to another of your choice. This service ensures you remain accessible even when you can’t answer calls on your primary device. Here’s how it works and why it’s beneficial:

  1. Functionality:
    • Basic Call Forwarding: Redirects calls to another number automatically.
    • Conditional Call Forwarding: Forwards calls only when you don’t answer, your phone is busy, or you’re unreachable.
  2. Activation and Setup:
    • Direct Activation: Dial specific codes on your Verizon device.
    • Online Portal: Set up and manage call forwarding preferences through Verizon’s online account.
  3. Customization Options:
    • Forwarding Numbers: Choose where calls are redirected, such as another mobile, landline, or voicemail.
    • Settings Control: Adjust settings to suit different scenarios, ensuring calls are handled according to your preferences.
  4. Benefits of Verizon Call Forwarding:
    • Enhanced Accessibility: Stay connected wherever you are.
    • Flexibility: Manage calls efficiently by directing them to the most convenient device.
    • Business Use: Maintain professionalism and responsiveness by redirecting calls during off-hours or when away from the office.
  5. Compatibility:
    • Network Coverage: Available on Verizon’s extensive network, ensuring reliable service.
    • Device Compatibility: Works with various Verizon devices, including smartphones and traditional phones.
  6. Cost and Availability:
    • Subscription: Typically included in Verizon service plans; check specific details for any additional charges.
    • Availability: Available to Verizon customers across different plans and regions.


Why is Verizon Call Forwarding Important?

It ensures you never miss a call by redirecting them to another number, keeping you connected. This feature offers flexibility and allows you to manage calls based on location or availability. It’s convenient for personal use, travel, and it helps improve productivity by reducing interruptions and ensuring efficient communication. Additionally, it enhances emergency preparedness by making sure you can always be reached. Here’s why this feature is essential:

  1. Accessibility:
    • Never Miss a Call: Redirect calls to another number or voicemail when you’re unable to answer your primary device.
    • Stay Connected: Ensure you’re reachable even when you’re away from your usual phone.
  2. Flexibility:
    • Manage Calls Efficiently: Direct calls to a more convenient device based on your location or availability.
    • Business Versatility: Maintain professionalism by forwarding calls to a designated line during non-office hours.
  3. Convenience:
    • Personal Use: Easily forward calls to your home phone or another mobile device depending on your situation.
    • Travel Benefits: Stay connected while traveling by forwarding calls to your temporary location.
  4. Enhanced Productivity:
    • Focus on Priorities: Reduce interruptions during meetings or important tasks by redirecting calls as needed.
    • Efficient Communication: Ensure important calls are handled promptly, improving overall communication efficiency.
  5. Emergency Preparedness:
    • Always Accessible: Redirect calls to a reliable contact in case of emergencies, ensuring you can be reached when needed most.


How to Set Up Verizon Call Forwarding

To set up call forwarding on your Verizon phone, you can use direct activation by dialing *72 followed by the 10-digit number you want to forward calls to. For additional methods and instructions, follow these simple steps to activate and customize call forwarding on your Verizon device:

  1. Direct Activation via Phone Dialer:
    • From your Verizon phone, dial *72 followed by the 10-digit number where you want calls forwarded.
    • Press the Call or Send button to activate call forwarding. You should hear a confirmation tone or message.
  2. Conditional Call Forwarding Options:
    • To Activate: Dial *71 to forward calls when you don’t answer.
    • For Busy Signals: Dial *90 to forward calls when your line is busy.
    • For Unanswered Calls: Dial *92 to forward calls when you don’t pick up.
  3. Verification:
    • After dialing the activation code, wait for a confirmation message or tone indicating that call forwarding is active.
  4. Online Setup through My Verizon:
    • Log in to your My Verizon account.
    • Navigate to the “Manage Verizon Call Forwarding” section.
    • Enter the desired forwarding number and save your settings.
  5. Adjusting Settings:
    • Change or cancel call forwarding settings at any time through your My Verizon account or by dialing respective deactivation codes (*73 for all call forwarding).
  6. Additional Tips:
    • Check Compatibility: Ensure your device and plan support call forwarding features.
    • Voicemail Integration: Set up call forwarding to voicemail for seamless message retrieval.


Troubleshooting Verizon Call Forwarding Issues

Encountering issues with Verizon call forwarding can be frustrating, but resolving them is usually straightforward with these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check Call Forwarding Settings:
    • Verify that call forwarding is correctly set up on your Verizon device.
    • Ensure the forwarding number is entered correctly without any typos.
  2. Network Coverage and Signal Strength:
    • Poor network coverage can affect call forwarding. Ensure you have adequate signal strength.
    • Test call forwarding in different locations to rule out network-related issues.
  3. Deactivate and Reactivate Call Forwarding:
    • Sometimes, deactivating and then reactivating call forwarding can resolve temporary glitches.
    • Dial *73 to deactivate all call forwarding settings, then set up again using *72 followed by the forwarding number.
  4. Check Plan and Feature Compatibility:
    • Ensure your Verizon plan includes call forwarding as part of its features.
    • Contact Verizon customer support to verify feature compatibility with your specific plan.
  5. Device Settings and Updates:
    • Check for any software updates on your Verizon device that could impact call forwarding functionality.
    • Reset network settings on your device to refresh connections that may affect call forwarding.
  6. Contact Verizon Support:
    • If issues persist, contact Verizon customer support for further assistance.
    • Provide specific details about the issue and steps you’ve already taken to troubleshoot.


Verizon Call Forwarding FAQs

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How do you turn off call forwarding Verizon?


To turn off call forwarding on Verizon, dial *73 from your phone and press the Call or Send button. You should hear a confirmation tone or message indicating that call forwarding has been deactivated. You can also log in to your My Verizon account, navigate to the “Manage Verizon Call Forwarding” section, and disable call forwarding from there.

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Do Verizon accounts come with call forwarding?


Yes, Verizon accounts come with call forwarding features. You can easily set up and manage call forwarding through your phone by dialing specific codes or online through your My Verizon account. This feature allows you to redirect incoming calls to another number, ensuring you never miss important calls.

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