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The New 2022 Accountability Partner: Your Device

Your New Year’s resolutions are written down, your mindset is focused and the year is yours. All you need is a foolproof accountability partner to keep you steady on the path as you crush your 2022 goals. Walking buddies and group fitness instructors are great, but a tech device will never show up late or miss a beat. This year, it’s time we call in the high-tech resources to face the year ahead. We’re taking a look at how you can maximize your devices to maximize your health.

Stay Healthy with the Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is the workout partner who will never leave your side. It’s attached to you, so there’s no excuse to cheat or skip a fitness routine. Here are a few tips to get your Apple Watch to motivate you to reach your resolutions.

Track Daily Activity:
  • Open the Activity App and swipe left to review the descriptions of Move, Exercise and Stand. Then, tap Get Started.
  • Next, set your age, sex, height, weight and whether or not you use a wheelchair by using the Digital Crown.
  • Finally, select an activity level to get started.
Track Overall Health:
  • Heart Rate Notifications: Unusually low or high heart rates as well as irregular heart rhythms are detected by your Apple Watch.
  • Healthy Sleep: Good sleep is part of your overall health, and the Apple Watch tracks your sleep, so you can review your sleep trends. Create sleep goals, an alarm sound for the morning and a time to turn on sleep mode which limits distractions. Do all this from the Sleep app on your Apple Watch.
  • Mental Health: Open the Mindfulness app on your Apple Watch to use the new Reflect feature which helps you become more mindful and present with guided prompts and animation.

Stay Healthy with Apple Fitness+

This new subscription fitness service powered by Apple Watch brings a variety of workouts with some of the world’s top trainers to your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. You must own an Apple Watch to access Apple Fitness+, which includes 11 workout types:

  1. High Intensity
  2. Interval Training (HIIT)
  3. Yoga
  4. Core
  5. Pilates
  6. Strength
  7. Treadmill
  8. Cycling
  9. Rowing
  10. Dance
  11. Mindful Cooldown

To get started, you can view and filter workout options by selecting a workout type and tapping the Filter button to narrow down the workouts. Preview and save workouts to create a list to choose from in the future. Next, get going by following the workout on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Your Apple Watch metrics appear on-screen so you can track your progress in real-time.

Stay Healthy with Recipe Apps

Now that your workout routine is charged by your device, it’s time to fuel your body with nutritious meals. Start making your device your sous-chef! A few top-rated apps can help kickstart your new eating habits.

Meal prep has gained popularity over recent years, so here are a few of the best apps to stay organized while planning your meals:

  • Paprika (App Store 4.9 / Google Play 4.9): No subscription required, highly customizable, ability to create grocery lists and it organizes recipes from multiple websites.
  • Forks Over Knives (App Store 4.6 / Google Play 4.3): The perfect app for vegetarian and vegan diets or those who want to learn how to incorporate whole-food, plant-based recipes into their meal planning.
  • Mealime (App Store 4.8 / Google Play 4.7): Get ready for easy meal planning! With step-by-step instructions for quick meals and simple, healthy recipes that fit your preferences, you’ll never be stumped on what to cook.

Once you have an app in place for your meal prep, it’s time to source other apps for healthy recipe tips and tricks. Let’s take a look at three of the best nutrition apps:

  • Lose It! (App Store 4.7 / Google Play 4.6): If you’re looking for a calorie counter, then this app might do the trick. Within this app, you can set your goals and track your food and exercise to lose weight.
  • Carb Manager (App Store 4.8 / Google Play 4.7): Are you on the Keto plan? With Carb Manager, you can track all your macros and net carbs in one convenient spot.
  • Lifesum (App store 4.7 / Google Play 4.4): Lifesum includes meal plans, macro calculator, nutrition tracker and healthy recipes. There are even options for vegan, Keto and Paleo within the app.

Setting yourself up for success is key when sticking to your 2022 goals. With your devices on your side, the right apps and a positive mindset, you’re on your way to living a lifestyle you love. Remember, when you include technology in your health goals, you’re leveraging a world that’s ever-evolving, so you’ll never get bored with your fitness routine and meal planning. Stop into your local Verizon Victra store to shop for fitness devices, and ask our friendly team members to show you how to maximize them for your health in the new year.


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