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iOS 17 Announced: Everything To Know So Far

Apple enthusiasts – this is for you. The newest iOS update has the tech community in a buzz, and for good reason. A number of new features are announced by Apple to be released and the tech giant is also saying goodbye to some of the “old ways” by revamping countless experiences across the user interface. We say – bring it on!

Your local Verizon Victra store has you covered as our tech experts dive into the details of what’s to come in this enticing new iOS release. From an innovative new way to share memories on the go, a seamless wellness feature called Journal, the introduction of cutting-edge StandBy Displays and so much more, check out everything you need to know to prepare for Apple’s biggest update yet.

A Makeover for Messages

The fresh new look everyone has been waiting for – Apple is finally updating the iMessage experience. From brand-new emoji stickers to the ability to create Live Stickers within photos, bringing the subjects to life utilizing powerful AI capabilities, everyone can make sending a text even more exciting. Additionally, iOS 17 offers a feature called Check In, where a user can notify a family member or friend that they have made it to their destination safely. After a user initiates the Check In, their friend or family member will automatically be notified upon arrival. If they don’t progress towards the destination, information will automatically be shared, such as the device’s location, battery level and cell service status. It’s also worth noting that all information shared is end-to-end encrypted.

New Seamless Sharing

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re having a good time with friends and family and want to share the memories we just captured, then it happens. Either their device just isn’t connecting to AirDrop or we go through the cumbersome process of sending images and videos through the “snail-mail” route of bulk sending in iMessage. iOS 17 says no more with an exciting addition to AirDrop called NameDrop. NameDrop allows users to easily share contact information by simply bringing their iPhones together, or by bringing other Apple Devices together. With the same gesture, users can also instantly share content or begin the SharePlay experience to listen to music, enjoy a movie or play a game. The stress-free sharing box is officially checked.

Easier Viewing with StandBy Displays

iOS 17 also introduces StandBy to the new lineup of groundbreaking features. This new look gives users a full-screen experience with glanceable information that can be viewed from as far as across the room when the iPhone is on its side and charging on a nightstand, kitchen counter or desk, and can be personalized to display a range of beautiful clock styles, favorite photos or smart widgets. With additional support for Live Activities, Siri and notifications, StandBy makes the iPhone even more useful when viewed at a distance. And the best part is that it’s easy to bring up the innovative display anytime by tapping the screen or having it consistently available with iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-On display.

An Innovative Way to “Journal”

The latest Apple update includes the tool Journal, which is a new app that helps iPhone users reflect and unwind through the practice of journaling, which has been shown to improve mental health. Using cutting-edge machine learning, prompt suggestions can be provided to help inspire an entry and with the help of scheduled notifications it’s easier than ever to build a consistent journaling habit. Additionally, with the ability to lock the app, all users’ privacy is protected which ensures that no one, including Apple, can access personal entries.

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