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Everything You Need to Know About Music Streaming

What’s the soundtrack to your life? With music playlists readily available on personal devices, tunes have become an integral part of our daily lives and identity. Heading to the gym? Time to rev up your workout beats. Commuting from work on a Friday afternoon? Time to play those feel-good party songs! Regardless of your mood, there’s likely a playlist already keyed up that will set the perfect atmosphere.

Subscribing to the right streaming service for your needs is almost as important as building the playlists themselves. Not to worry, you won’t risk losing all your music by switching to a new music app. Now, it’s easier than ever to convert playlists using a tool like SongShift. Now that we’ve set the tone, let’s explore your streaming options.

Top Music Streaming Services

  1. Spotify: Spotify has been around the longest and is one of the most recognized music platforms. You can listen to Spotify through a computer for free with advertisements or pay $10 per month for no advertisements and the ability to use Spotify across all your devices. The quality of the audio stream is 320 kbps, which is much better than smaller services like Pandora, but surprisingly not the best available today. If top-notch audio is your game, then you might be better off choosing an app like Tidal (see below). If you don’t like breaking the bank on your music streaming, then Spotify is your jam.
  2. Apple Music: Apple has been in the music business for ages, even though it’s a bit newer to streaming than Spotify. The reason Apple Music is popular is the affordability of its family plan. At $15, the entire household can seamlessly share music, and you can even connect two pairs of AirPods to the same songs– brilliant! With the song streaming quality at 256 kbps, it’s a touch lower than Spotify but has a symphony of features that make it something to sing about. Enjoy Apple Music with any of our Unlimited Plans.
  3. Tidal: Meet the hottest new streaming app out there! There are two reasons why Millennial and Gen Z users have been flocking to this service: First, it is owned by Jay-Z and the main goal behind Tidal is to support other artists and bands, providing them with more of the proceeds than other streaming services. Second, Tidal is a great choice because it has the best quality streaming out there. Boasting two tiers of streaming, the first tier is $10 per month and will get you the same quality stream that Spotify provides, 320 kbps. The second tier is $20 per month, and this option offers full CD-quality streaming. This concept is very new to the industry overall and is sought after by those who want to hear their music in the best possible quality.

Of course, no music streaming experience is complete without the latest technology in mobile devices and headphones. Try a pair of Crusher Evo Wireless Over Ear Headphones to amplify the quality of your beats. Skull Candy is always ahead of the curve in innovation and style and with 40 hours of battery power, you won’t have to worry about lugging around the charger! Every audiophile knows that having the latest technology means all the difference in sound quality, and your local Verizon Victra store has you covered with the newest and best mobile devices and streaming accessories for power, precision and performance.

Ready, set, stream! Your ultimate music experience awaits.


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