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Everything You Need in Your Carry On: Tech Edition

You’re walking through the airport – no, running – then, you step into the security line as you realize boarding time is quickly approaching. Then it happens. You notice the small sliver of 2% battery taunting you from your phone, and you remember that you didn’t have time to print your boarding pass before leaving home and the only copy is on your dying phone. To top it off, you miraculously board the plane you almost missed only to realize that the in-flight entertainment doesn’t connect to your Bluetooth headphones. And thanks to your low-power phone, you’re stuck for three hours listening to the wailing baby in the back or the chatterbox in the window seat.

Having reliable tech items packed in your carry-on luggage will not only help you avoid the possibility of a worst-case scenario, but it just might make your holiday travels a pleasant experience! Here are a few of those must-have tech essentials for your carry on so you can breathe easy rather than release a sigh of frustration.

Noise Canceling Headphones/AirPods

Say goodbye to noisy airports and planes and hello to action flick favorites featuring spatial audio. The options just keep getting better and better, and this year, techies are loving the latest headphone release by Skullcandy, the Hesh ANC Wireless Over Ear Headphones. With cutting-edge noise canceling innovation and clear, rich sound, you’ll be able to tune out all those plane noises and tune in to your favorite movies and music. For more discreet listening, in-ear options like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless In Ear Earbuds have us singing a different, but equally incredible, tune. The iconic shape and design make these earbuds the perfect option for listening on the go and the comfortable, seamless fit allows you to traverse the airport with noise-canceling ease. Multiple flight connections, you say? Have no fear, long-lasting battery life is here and will carry you through those delays.

Airfly Wireless Transmitter

Having to unwind those dated earbuds and plug into in-flight entertainment is technology fitting for the Jurassic period. Enter wireless transmitters – the small, portable device that easily plugs into any headphone jack and magically connects to your wireless headphones or earbuds. The best part is that you can pair two sets of wireless earbuds so that a family member or friend can listen to the same audio at the same time. Now that’s what you might call “living in the year 2050,” and we are here for it. The Airfly Pro has 16+ hours of battery life, so you never have to worry about those long travel days or unforeseen delays.

Portable Travel Charger

There’s no worse place than an airport for your phone to run low on battery power.  Fortunately, the Ventev Portable Battery PD 10,000 mAh is here to save the day with an extra charge. With lightning-fast charging speed for both Android and Apple devices, this is the perfect item for all smartphone users to include in their carry-on bags. The heathered material and slim profile make the portable battery trendy and lightweight, so you can easily grab it from your bag on the plane and use with little hassle. In addition, devices can be charged up to two times in one use and the LED battery indicator makes it easy to know when they are ready to go.

Organizer Tech Bag

Sometimes longer cables and larger devices are a must to take along on trips, so why not have a centralized place to keep them from getting jumbled together? Bags like the BUBM Travel Accessories Travel Case make tech organizing simple. The lightweight and spacious bag consists of two main compartments and plenty of smaller mesh pockets, zip compartments and elastic loops. These nifty spaces can hold items like an iPad, cameras as well as other gadgets and gizmos like cords, batteries, and memory sticks without the risk of mixing together during a bumpy flight.

Wherever life’s travels and adventures take you, your local Verizon Victra store carries the cutting-edge tech to keep you moving forward. We understand that technology is not a one size fits all and our team is always ready to answer any questions to help you find the gear that meets your specific needs. Here’s to more of those airport best case scenarios and amazing trips spent worry-free.



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