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The Verizon Up Rewards Review: What’s It All About?



Verizon offers more than just coverage plans, phones, and mobile devices. The carrier also offers plenty of free deals and special offers, such as free access to streaming services on select plans. One of the company’s most popular special features is the Verizon Up program, which helps you earn monthly rewards or save towards your next mobile device. Read our Verizon Up rewards review and learn more.

What is Verizon Up?

Verizon Up is a free rewards program accessed through the My Verizon App. The program offers a wide range of special offers, perks, and discounts on tech accessories, dining, sports, concerts, apparel, and more. 

Every billing cycle Verizon adds a credit to your Verizon Up account. Once in your account, you have thirty days to redeem the credit for Verizon rewards.

How do you enroll in Verizon Up?

To enroll in the Verizon Up rewards program, simply download the My Verizon App and log into your Verizon account. In the upper left corner tap open the navigation menu and select Verizon Up. Follow the instructions provided and you’ll be all set to start saving. 

How often do Verizon Up reward options change?

Verizon Up rewards normally refresh on the first day of every new month, although they can change at any time, so check what’s on offer often. In addition to monthly rewards you can claim Super Tickets for special events, and these too change frequently. 

Verizon Up also offers bonus rewards. You don’t need to use a credit to redeem bonus rewards, which include restaurant deals, free items from Verizon’s partners, and limited-time offers on tech and phone accessory discounts.

You can find local offers through Verizon Up as well. To find your local Verizon rewards, open the My Verizon App, select Verizon Up, and then click Browse under Local dollars. Enter your location, and Verizon Up will let you know about any local savings.

How do I use a claimed Verizon Up reward?

To claim a Verizon reward, open the My Verizon app and tap the reward you want. Read the details on the reward to be sure it’s the one you want, and tap Claim This. Your monthly credit will be deducted from your Verizon Up account.

To use the reward, tap View Details and then tap Use Now. If you’d rather use the reward later, tap Save for Later. Your saved reward will now be on your Use Rewards tab. Remember that most rewards have an expiry date. Once you use your reward, tap Mark as Used to remove it from your list. 

If you have a multi-person plan, only the account manager can claim monthly awards. Anyone on your plan with access to the Verizon Up account can claim bonus rewards.

How do I claim Verizon Up Super Tickets

Verizon Up account holders also have a chance to claim Super Tickets, which allow you to attend big-ticket items like concerts and sporting events. Unlike Monthly rewards, Super Tickets come in limited amounts, and are awarded on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Super Tickets are available only for a limited time, and you’ll see a countdown timer next to each offer. 

How often can I claim Super Tickets?

It costs one Verizon Up credit to claim a Super Ticket reward, and you can only claim one Super Ticket every six months. Certain high-value Super Tickets, such as tickets to the Super Bowl, can only be claimed once a year. This restriction applies to all Verizon Up account holders on your phone plan, so if one person claims a Super Ticket, the rest must wait either six or twelve months, depending on the value of the reward. 

What are Verizon Up Device Dollars, and when do Device Dollars expire?

If you don’t want to claim a Monthly reward or Super Ticket, you can put your Verizon Up credit into your Device Dollars account. Device Dollars can be saved and used towards the next smartphone, basic phone, or tablet you add to your wireless plan. The new device must be purchased at full retail price or on a device payment plan. 

You can redeem your Verizon Up Device Dollars when you shop on the app or the Verizon website. Just look for the option to apply your Device Dollars to the purchase during checkout. You can also redeem Device Dollars through any Authorized Verizon Dealer – ask the sales representative about them during your purchase, and don’t forget to take advantage of Victra’s mobile data transfer service offered at all stores. You can even redeem them over the phone when making a purchase from a Verizon sales rep. 

Device Dollars do have an expiry date. You must use your Device Dollars within twelve months of claiming them, so bear this in mind when planning purchases.

The Verizon Up rewards program is free, easy-to-use, and loaded with money-saving extras. Sign up for Verizon Up today and start saving!

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