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Back-to-School Supplies Guide

School is almost in session! Are you stocked with the best back-to-school supplies for a successful year of learning?

Families everywhere are soaking up the final weeks of sweet summertime and setting their sights on the school year ahead. As the road trips wind down and days on the water come to an end, parents, teachers and students will be hitting the books before we know it. As we transition from summer to school, let’s make it exciting by adding a few new ideas to the school-supply list! Paper, pencils and calculators are still necessary items, but the digital age is sparking new, exciting ideas for students to excel this school year. Not to worry, our team has gathered the must-have back-to-school supplies to help learners thrive, from preschool to college.

School Supplies for Early Learners

Early learning is a time of awe and wonder. Little ones are starting to explore the world around them and are using their senses and imaginations to soak up information like a sponge. To enhance learning experiences for preschool-age children, there are a few devices, apps and tools to implement just in time for back-to-school school season.

  • Kids Headphones: Did you know that sound and music are an integral part of early childhood development? For instance, music is proven to improve a child’s cognitive functioning. Shop the JBL Kids Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones that come in cool colors, have ear cushions for comfort, include a fun sticker set, and are perfectly sized for kids.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: There are so many ways to bring tunes to little ones’ ears for the ultimate learning experiences. With the JBL Clip 4 Waterproof Speaker, you can take your school session on-the-go by clipping one of the fun colored speakers to your bag or stroller. Listen in the park, by the pond or with neighborhood friends.
  • Busy Shapes App: When you’re not flipping through board books or listening to educational tunes, the Busy Shapes app is perfect for early learners between ages two and five. This app is designed to sharpen children’s reasoning skills through puzzles and positive guidance. Designed for tablets, this app brings a world of wonder to your little one’s fingertips.

Supplies for School-Aged Students

Whether your students are hopping on the school bus or driving themselves to campus, there are plenty of devices to support their studies. Some technology tools may be better suited for older students, while elementary-aged kids can also enjoy many devices and apps for the school season!

  • OtterBox iPad Case: When school-aged children start taking their smartphones to school and to after-school activities, it’s important to make sure those devices are protected. The OtterBox Defender Case offers three layers of defense made from high quality material for that extra protection. From the locker to the classroom, you won’t have to worry about your student’s tablet.
  • Smartwatches: It’s about time your school-aged child starts sporting a smartwatch on campus. From helping them get to class and sports practices on time to monitoring their calendar and important messages, now is the time to shop Victra’s watch deals.
  • Deskmate Mat: For students learning virtually to those requiring the perfect homework station, the Eco Leather Deskmate Mat is easy to clean and offers desk protection from scratches and spills. Plus, it looks professional and studious and will set an ideal environment for study time!

Must-Have School Supplies for College

When your child leaves the house and ventures off to college, it’s an exciting time that takes ample preparation. Here are a few collegiate items that will help charge the back-to-school season.

  • Backlit Keyboard: Paper– check. Pencils– check. Keyboard– check. Check off a needed item on your college student’s back-to-school list with the Slim X3 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard. Designed for Apple users, students can connect this keyboard via Bluetooth to use with a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Messenger Folio: The ZAGG Messenger Folio 2 Tablet Keyboard and Case is ideal for college students who bring their tablet to class. With laptop-style keys and a durable case, note taking just got a lot more efficient. Not to mention, the professional, sleek look might add that boost of confidence for the new freshmen on campus.
  • Wireless In Ear Headphones: Every college student needs high quality headphones. The Tune 125TWS Wireless In Ear Headphones by JBL are ideal for listening to music, podcasts or lectures while trekking across campus or commuting to class. With no cords and up to 32-hours of battery life, these headphones are a must-add to your back-to-school list.

Don’t miss the ball on these amazing back-to-school supply items. At Victra, we are excited to support all the students venturing back to their learning environments this school season with amazing back-to-school deals. Shop devices, smartwatches, trade-in deals, 5G data plans and more! From preschool to college, your local Verizon Victra store has you covered.


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