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Victra | Eargo Hearing Aids

Discreet Design

Eargos are incredibly small, virtually invisible, and practically disappear inside your ear.

Sound Quality

Amazingly rich, crisp, natural sound, delivered through Eargo's unique open-fit design.

App Control

A powerful mobile app that puts personalization at your fingertips.

The Eargo Difference

We are excited to announce Our partnership with Eargo! If you are considering Eargo for hearing aids or are starting to experience hearing difficulties, visit a participating store for a free hearing screening. Call 1-800-434-4430 to learn more about Eargo and find the Victra-Verizon Retail location nearest you to meet with a store associate.

Find a Store

Trusted Support

Lifetime remote support from Eargo's hearing professionals.

Education & Screening

A quick, easy hearing screening at a participating Victra – Verizon Authorized Retailer store.


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