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Trade-in Program

Steps for trading in a Verizon phone, tablet, or smartwatch for promotional credit for organic account credit.

 .Device Condition: Eligible Hardware: Eligible Networks:
New Phones Verizon
Used (any condition) Tablets T-Mobile
Damaged Smartwatches AT&T
* Jetpacks/Mobile Hotspots Sprint
Select Chromebooks US Cellular
Select Modems Dish Wireless
Select Flip Phones Select Carriers Abroad


Immediate in-store Trade-in Value Estimates

Guests can stop by any retail location for on-the-spot estimates of trade-in value, and get help removing or transferring data from a trade-in device before turning it into the store. Also you may get free advice in-store covering which Verizon promotions apply to trade-ins. Customers and guests can choose to receive trade-in credit from Verizon on the spot or a promotional credit over the lifecycle of a new device.
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Login to My Verizon for Your Trade-in Estimate

You can sign into My Verizon and for an immediate trade-in quotation. Simply login to your online account and under Devices click Ready for Upgrade. From the Manage Device page scroll down to Estimated Trade-in Value to see the organic account credit that you can receive before application of any eligible Verizon upgrade promotions. From this page you can shop Upgrader promotions that further increase your trade-in value.
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For Anyone: Verizon’s Online Trade-in Tool

If you are not a Verizon customer and would like to join America's most best network, Verizon has an online trade-in estimator that anyone can use. Verizon accepts a very wide range of internet connected devices for trade-in credit. You can even get trade-in value estimates for devices from other network providers in the USA or abroad.

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Ways To Get Trade-in Credit

Account Credit

If you are trading-in ang taking advantage of a Verizon upgrade promotion for a new device, the trade-in credit is issued 2 or 3 billing cycles after the trade-in is sent into the central warehouse. The credited amount due after the trade-in is processed by the warehouse applies within 2 weeks to your account across your 36-month device purchase plan. In the event that you are trading-in a high value device and purchase a lower value device on promotion, Verizon will credit the lump sum difference to your account.
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Instant (Organic) Credit

If you are simply trading-in for market value and not considering a promotion, Verizon applies the value of the trade-in to your account and towards payoff of a device on your account with the excess as a lump sum credit for future expenses.

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Gift Card or PayPal Credit

You can also choose for the trade-in value to be assigned to a Verizon Gift Card or as a PayPal credit eligible for purchases of Verizon wireless devices or devices, Verizon accessories, or to pay your Verizon data plan bills. This lump sum credit applies to instant credit for trade-in customers who are not upgrading to a new device.

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