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Redux: Device Water Removal Services

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While most modern smartphones are water resistant, they aren’t waterproof.  Redux can effectively remove water from phones subjected to prolong exposures to water and steam. Phones Redux can remove water from smaller devices like ear buds, hearing aids and key fabs. Redux also provides deep cleaningfor hearing aids by removing wax and other particles that build up over time.  Small Devices Redux can even remove water from larger devices such as tablets, e-readers and chromebooks. Tablets / Laptops Spill something on your gaming devices? Redux can remove water and help clean gaming controllers. Gaming Contollers

What does redux do?

Redux is a specialized drying service that utilizes advanced technology and specialized techniques to ensure that the electronic devices submerged in water or exposed to high levels of moisture are thoroughly dried, restored and operating at their pre-incident levels. No trace of moisture from the incident is left behind. The service is especially useful for people who have accidentally dropped their phones, tablets or other small electronic devices in water, or have a device that has been exposed to high level of moisture / steam.Use hearing aids or ear buds? Redux can deep clean these devices by removing the wax that builds overtime through every day use.  The before and after results are breathtaking.

1: Don't plug it in!

When an electronic device gets wet, the water can cause a short circuit or corrosion, which can damage or destroy the internal components and affect its functionality. Simply put, you run the risk of destroying the device beyond repair.

2: Don't put it in rice!

Putting your phone in rice after it gets wet is not a reliable or effective method for drying it. The rice can leave behind dust and particles that may further damage the phone, and it does not address the moisture that may have entered the internal components of the device.

3: Bring it in to Victra.

When your device gets wet, bring it to Victra! Our Redux emergency water removal services can help restore your device and prevent further issues related to the water exposure.

Family Plan $49.99

Covers any electronic device that will fit in the Redux dryer.Smaller electronics like smartphones, headphones, tablets, earbuds, small speakers, e-readers, game controllers, key fobs are perfect candidates for water removal with Redux. Even a small amount of water can cause severe damage to your device, leading to expensive repairs or replacements. Fortunately, there's Redux. $49.99 for 3 years of coverage - than $0.05 / day!
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Business Plans start as low as $99.99

Need to cover multiple devices? Look no further. For only $99.99, you can cover up to 24 separate business lines for 3 years of coverage - less than $0.10 / day!
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