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Redux: Device Water Removal Services

Redux in Victra Stores is a patented device drying process.

It reduces the evaporating point of water while removing moisture quickly and safely. 


Got your phone wet on vacation?
No worries – Victra and Redux have you covered.
Get the Redux service at any Victra location
No matter where your phone was purchased.
With over 1,500 locations nationwide,
there is a Victra store near you!


Redux Dries Any of These

Redux Plans and Price List
Solution Cost Type Details
Single Plan Membership $29.99 1 Line Unlimited dries for up to 36 months or till phone upgrade. “Money Back Guarantee” for phones not recovered on the member’s 1st recovery attempt.
Family Plan Membership  $49.99 2+ Lines Unlimited dries for your entire household for up to 36 months or until phone upgrade. Covers all devices in the household.
Recovery Dry Attempt $10 Fee per use
Successful Recovery – Earbud or Smartwatch $65 Fee per use
Successful Recovery – Phone or Tablet $95 Fee per use
Unsuccessful Recovery $0 Fee per use
Redux coverage for 1-24 lines $99.99 Group Membership Unlimited dries for up to 36 months. Covers all devices in the group.
Coverage for 25-50 lines $149.99
Coverage for 51+ Lines $199.99


Victra is proud to serve as Verizon’s largest authorized retailer across the USA. 

All of our stores offer Redux.

Stop by a store near you or give us a call at 1-800-279-3550

For a free consultation and help with enrollment. 


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