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Simple Liquid Glass (Screen Protection)

Simple Liquid Glass at a Victra Verizon Store Near Me
Simple Liquid Glass at a Victra Verizon Store Near Me
Simple Liquid Glass at a Victra Verizon Store Near Me
Simple Liquid Glass at a Victra Verizon Store Near Me

Worried about your phone or tablet screen every time you go out or when you hand it to someone? Simple Liquid Glass is an ultra-thin coating as hard as sapphires that keeps your screen safe with Nano Coating Technology and it is guaranteed to resist impacts from everyday use. With nanometers thin invisible screen protection, there is no need to worry about compromising the onscreen touch experience of your phone. Liquid Glass doesn't affect the look, feel, or functionality of your device, and is case friendly. Liquid Glass features a "You Break It We Fix It Guarantee Up To $200." In the event that your phone screen breaks within a 12-month period of applying and registering your phone with Liquid Glass Screen Protection, you will be eligible to receive up-to $200 back as reimbursement for having the screen repaired. Call us with any questions about Simple Liquid Glass you may have and our domestically-based team is trained in customer care as well as sales: at 1-800-279-3550 (M-F, 9 to 9 EST)

Key features

  • Hardness: Sapphire Hardness (9H) with up to 20x greater scratch resistance
  • Color: Clear
  • Thickness: ~100 nanometers
  • Application Liquid Drying Time: 5 minutes using the Simple Cure Box in Victra stores, 24 hours if following the manual process
  • Compatibility: Compatible with smartphone or tablet screens (for tablets 10'' and above Victra recommends ordering a quantity of 2 to ensure adequate liquid coverage)
  • What's in the box: Liquid Glass vial, Microfiber Cloth, Liquid Glass Wipe, Alcohol Wipe, Instructions and Registration Card

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