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Top Shopping Apps

There has never been a bigger market for shopping apps than there is now. For more and more people, shopping from their phone is the best option because they don’t have to go to a store or even open their browser. Today, almost every big box retailer has its own shopping app. There are, however, more types of shopping apps than just ones from major retail brands. Some of the best ones right now are marketplace apps, multi-brand apps, and apps that make shopping easier both online and in stores.
Our list of the top shopping apps in 2023 has something for everyone, whether you’re a customer looking to do some online shopping or a store owner looking to see what other apps have done well.

Top shopping apps available today:


4.6 Stars | 100M+ downloads – Google Play Store
4.6 Stars | #1 in Shopping – Apple App Store

A rising company that is challenging Amazon in the shopping app world is Temu. Currently, it’s the top shopping app in the US for both iPhone and Android, boasting a vast array of affordable products.Temu launched in the US towards the end of 2022. Similar to Amazon, Temu is a marketplace app that links buyers with small enterprises and individual sellers on its platform.

Amazon Shopping

4.2 Stars | 500M+ downloads – Google Play Store
4.8 Stars | #4 in Shopping – Apple App Store

Amazon has to be close to the top of any list of the greatest shopping apps. With 98 million unique users shopping on their mobile app each month and over 200 million unique visitors to their website each month, Amazon—one of the largest companies in the world—gets a sizable portion of its revenue from e-commerce today. Amazon is the best example of a marketplace shopping app because it lets users buy products from many of their favorite brands, as well as Amazon’s own brands.


4.5 Stars | 500M+ downloads – Google Play Store
4.6 Stars | #3 in Shopping – Apple App Store

Shein is definitely making waves in the shopping app scene, right alongside Temu. Currently, it’s ranking as the second most popular shopping app for both iPhone and Android, with Temu holding the lead.

Shein initially took off in China and has since expanded its reach to the US and other international markets. They’ve positioned themselves as a go-to for affordable yet stylish clothing. What sets them apart is their efficient supply chain, allowing them to offer competitive prices, even when compared to giants like Amazon.


4.9 Stars | > 10 million downloads – Google Play Store
4.9 Stars | #9 in Shopping – Apple App Store

Shoppers on Etsy can find real, handcrafted, and vintage items. It has a lot of distinct, unique products that come from third-party sellers. In contrast to the more commercialized sellers that you usually see on sites like Amazon and Walmart, these sellers are mostly independent creators.


4.3 Stars | > 10 million downloads – Google Play Store
4.8 Stars | #8 in Food and Drink – Apple App Store

While this app technically isn’t categorized as shopping, we definitely think grocery shopping counts. Instacart is the best grocery app on the market right now. Tens of millions of people use it, and its shopping options from more than 1,000 stores make it appealing to people who want quick and easy online grocery shopping. Users can choose to have their groceries delivered to their homes or pick them up in-store.

Shopping apps have changed over the past decade or so, giving users more options and convenience. From Temu and Amazon to Etsy, there’s an app for every shopper. Some value variety, while others value handmade goods. Instacart has transformed grocery shopping. As consumers adapt to and embrace digital shopping, these apps are a sign of retail’s future. Whether you’re an avid online shopper or a retailer trying to stay current, this wave of digital shopping platforms emphasizes the need to adapt, innovate, and meet consumers on their mobile devices.


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