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Teacher Appreciation Week: Victra Cares Partnership

When businesses support the education system, they are supporting the future. At Verizon Victra, we love keeping up with the latest technology developed by today’s brightest innovators. Our passion for tech advancements fuels our drive to ensure tomorrow’s leaders in the industry have everything they need to succeed.

With this commitment in mind, we partnered with the brilliant minds at the Ron Clark Academy based in Atlanta, GA, to bring professional development and resources to educators in local schools across the country, supporting the initiative of an enhanced education structure.

How we’re helping


  • Impacting Future Generations
  • Sponsoring Teachers to Attend Professional Development Training
  • Empowering Communities to Donate and Nominate

Impacting Future Generations

The Ron Clark Academy is known for its innovative and engaging teaching methodologies that focus on empowering young people to become leaders in their communities. In partnering with the Academy, Verizon Victra aims to support schools’ efforts in providing quality education and fostering leadership skills in students. The collaboration involves various initiatives, including providing funding and technology resources as well as mentorship programs for educators and students.

Sponsoring Teachers to Attend Professional Development Training

As part of the dedication to future advancements in technology, Verizon Victra is proud to sponsor teachers from across the country to attend professional development training at the world-renowned Ron Clark Academy. The programs provided by the Academy are designed to equip teachers with the skills necessary to create an engaging and effective learning environment for their students. This will actively support the development of educators and ultimately enhance the quality of education for current and future leaders across the country.

Empowering Communities to Donate and Nominate

Our local teams play an active role in encouraging customers and community members to visit their local Verizon Victra stores and make donations to support the Ron Clark Academy’s mission of providing a life-changing experience to teachers who may not otherwise have access. Additionally, Verizon Victra is inviting customers to nominate deserving individuals in their communities who could benefit from the school’s educational programs. This further illustrates the importance of community involvement in the education system and serves as a testament to our commitment to giving back to the communities we have the pleasure of serving.

At Verizon Victra, we are dedicated to the advancement of technology today and tomorrow, and the best place to invest in technical innovations is through the next generation. Organizations must work action to ensure a bright future for educators, as much as educators work tirelessly to ensure a bright future for their students. When growing a beautiful garden, one must nurture the environment where the seeds grow, and that’s what our exciting partnership with the Ron Clark Academy seeks to provide.


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