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Give Your Devices a Fresh Start with a Digital Spring Cleaning

As technology drives our culture, it can start to feel like you’re being left behind when you notice a lag in your devices. Whether it’s your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, we rely on these devices in almost every aspect of our lives – which might very well be the thing that’s slowing us down. As we continue to download new files, apps, and photos, this influx of data can actually challenge a device’s processing speed. To keep your devices at top speed, Victra has compiled the go-to guide for digital spring cleaning.

  1. Figure Out How Your Storage is Being Used

Before you begin your spring cleaning, it’s imperative to understand just how your device’s storage is being used. Luckily, your device should be able to tell you. On both Apple and Windows devices, your settings menu should have a storage option that gives you a visual breakdown of what file types are occupying the most space.

Broken down into general categories, the storage tool can show you the exact percentage of data being used in each category. While some may notice that their photo library dominates their storage, others may find that high-capacity apps are causing the deceleration of processing speed.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Apps or Programs

One of the quickest ways to free up space is by uninstalling apps that you no longer use. Over time, it can be easy to download apps that you may only have to use once or twice, or even apps that can only be used in certain locations like festivals or museums. On mobile devices, you can go to the app management panel in their settings and see a list of all installed apps. Once you determine which apps are no longer necessary, removing them from your device will open a plethora of storage.

  1. Clear Out Old Files

Often our devices can become a graveyard of obsolete files. Outdated documents and PDF files downloaded once and never looked at again are another obstacle to device speed. For spring cleaning your laptop specifically, it’s recommended that you go through your downloads file and clear any unnecessary, duplicate, or outdated files.

If you’re holding on to files you’re not quite ready to part with, an external hard drive can be the perfect place for them. Whether it’s photos, music files, or video files – all of which can be very taxing on your device’s storage space – keeping them on an external hard drive can guarantee the files you’re storing are safe from corruption or accidental deletion while still clearing space on your other devices.

  1. Manage Your Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to consuming storage space. While these memories are priceless, storing them all on your device can come with a cost. Ideally, you won’t have to permanently delete any of them. Most smart devices now have built-in tools to help you identify files that are low-quality or space-wasting duplicates. After clearing your photo library of any disposable files, upload the rest of them to platforms like iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Photo, or the Verizon Cloud which allows users the capability of automatic back-ups, cross-device syncing, and secure storage. That way you can keep your photos safe and your devices clutter-free.

  1. Clear Cache and Temporary Files

Both mobile and desktop devices store temporary files and cache data to speed up certain processes. However, the accumulation of these files can have the opposite effect.

On Windows, you can use the Disk Cleanup tool to remove temporary files, whereas on Mac applications like CleanMyMac can help with this task. For mobile devices, however, you might have to go through the app management section of your settings and individually clear the data from each app.

We recommend that you use the Verizon Device Health Check featured in the Verizon App for full clarity on how certain files and apps on your phone might be affecting speed, efficiency, and battery life.

  1. Optimize Storage Settings

Many devices offer settings and features designed to help you manage storage more effectively. For example, on iOS divides you can enable the “Offload Unused Apps” feature, which removes infrequently used applications. On Android, you can use the “Free Up Space” option on the files app.

Each device has built-in storage optimization programs that can preserve its speed and longevity. Check the information provided by your preferred operating system to see what the best option is for your device.

Another incredible resource is the Verizon Content Transfer App which can help you transfer files from one device to another even across operating systems to help balance out how you store files across devices.

  1. Regular Maintenance

While we may be talking about an annual spring cleaning, the best way to preserve storage on your devices is to make decluttering a regular habit. Set a reminder in your device’s calendar app every few months to alert you to clear your excess files, and save this blog as a storage-saving checklist. One habit Victra would highly recommend keeping is regularly updating your device’s software to ensure it’s operating at the most up-to-date performance level. Additional software that can also help keep your devices running smoothly is malware protection. While programs like CleanMyMac can detect malware that is infecting your device, it’s also a good idea to have additional protection against viruses by installing software that prevents them in the first place.

  1. Physical Cleaning

Finally, it’s never a bad idea to give your devices a tech-safe cleaning. Dirt and dust accumulated from regular use can actually affect the way your devices perform. An aerosolized duster is a great way to keep keyboards and charging ports clean. Isopropyl alcohol wipes help reduce screen glare and kill the bacteria that might be living on your devices from contact with other services. Digital spring cleaning doesn’t always have to be digital and it never stops as just spring.

Decluttering your device is not just about freeing up space, it’s about reaping the benefits of peak performance from your devices. This process can not only return your devices to their original processing speed but extend their lifespan over all. By regularly and routinely taking steps to ensure your device isn’t overloaded by excess digital junk, you can ensure that your devices will continue to run quickly, smoothly, and for a very long time.


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