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Benefits of Wireless Charging Technology

The following articles explains some of the Benefits of Wireless Charging. A wireless mobile charger frees you from the constraints of lightning cables, micro-USB cables, and USB power converters: instead, you simply lay your phone on the wireless charger when you need to recharge the phone.

Right now, only newer model phones support wireless charging, but this is expected to change in the future. Phone manufacturers as a whole are moving towards only using wireless charging. Combined with Bluetooth technology for earbuds and speakers, this move would eventually remove all ports from phones. That day isn’t here yet, but in the meantime, more and more phones that support wireless charging are entering the market.

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging, as the name suggests, allows a phone to charge without being connected to a power source through a USB cable. The process is made possible through Qi (pronounced Chee), a globally recognized technology standard. Qi-compatible phones have a small loop of wire called a receiving pad under their back covers. Wireless mobile chargers contain a second wire loop that acts as a transmitter. When the two loops are aligned, they form a magnetic field that passes power from the transmitter to the receiver, which tells the transmitter how much power to provide. Safety features in a Qi-compatible device monitor temperature to prevent overheating while charging.

How to Use a Wireless Charger

Using a wireless charger is very intuitive: simply place your phone or tablet on the charger with the back cover touching the charger. The phone’s battery icon will show it’s being charged.

What Phones are Compatible?

New phones that are compatible with Wireless Charging include many of the latest 5G phones, as well as the following phones from earlier years: 

Advantages of Using a Wireless Charger

Wireless mobile chargers make your life easier, which in today’s hectic world is never a bad thing. The benefits of wireless chargers include:

  • One-stop wireless charging: a wireless mobile charger can power all Qi-compatible devices, including phones, tablets, headsets, and wireless earbuds.
  • Less clutter: No need to keep track of multiple cords and cables, which often get lost or broken. A single mobile wireless charger replaces them all, making wireless charging a popular choice for travel tech. 
  • Extending battery life: Lay your phone on the charger whenever you have a few minutes to give its battery life a quick boost. 
  • Safe connections: As all charging takes place inside the phone, there’s no risk of corroded USB ports, reducing the risk of charging errors or electrical faults. You also never need to worry about electrical problems caused by third-party charging cables, which can be less than reliable. 
  • No Wear and Tear: Plugging phones into power cable regularly increases the risk of damaging phone ports, which can lead to costly repairs. 
  • No Risk of Overheating: Once a Qi-compatible phone is fully charged, it turns off the wireless charger, saving energy and preventing the battery from overheating. 

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