What is REDUX?

REDUX is an electronic device drying machine that can eliminate 100% of the moisture trapped inside your phone or tablet within one hour. How? The machine’s patented scientific process vaporizes the locked-in moisture safely without damaging the electronics.

How does it work?

REDUX lowers the amount of heat needed to vaporize liquid trapped inside the device by lowering the air pressure. Any liquid inside the device will now vaporize just above temperature and is forced outside of the device once gentle heat is applied. REDUX cycles vacuum and heat and during this process, moisture is removed from the chamber. REDUX dries to an end point, until no humidity is present and a 10-minute charge is applied to the device.

How much does it cost?

REDUX Membership may be purchased for $29.99 for Single Line Membership, or $29.99 for lines 1-2, and $9.99 for lines 3-5 for Multi-Line Membership.

Membership provides up to two REDUX drying attempts in any 24-month period from the date of purchase of the Membership per line, or until the line tied to Membership has been upgraded.

Or, get a successful single use REDUX recovery for $100.00.